Rowing season 2015-16

Last Sunday the administration side of rowing commenced at RRC.
The season launch included the following information:

  1. Squad and general rowing organisation for 2015/2016 season – Presented by Tim Evans Men’s Squad Coach
  2. Training plan overview/thresholds/prescription – Presented by Geraldine Goss
  3. New boat booking and rowing sign up procedure – Presented by Catherine Hardie

SQUAD ROWING APPROACH[wpfilebase tag=file path=’Squad approach 2015-16.docx’ /]
Tim Evans produced a discussion paper and presented at the Strategic Planning Day. Upon review it was passed and presented at the season opening coaches meeting. The coaches supported the change in organisation.
There is also a draft of FAQs [wpfilebase tag=file path=’Frequently asked questions from Rowing Approach.doc’ tpl=download-button /]
If you have questions please consult your coach.
The training plan overview is attached here
[wpfilebase tag=file path=’RRC Training Program Overview 2015.pdf’ /]
The weekly training prescriptions will be posted up on the training blog link same as last season. SUBSCRIBE to this blog and you will receive the weekly training prescription to your email. If you are in a competitive stream, you must subscribe to the weekly training blog.
Squad Training days for 2015:- (note these times are on the water)
Monday                      6am (coached)
Tuesday                      6am (uncoached)
Wednesday                 6 am (coached)
Thursday                     6:30pm (coached)
Sunday (senior women) 8:00am (coached)
Sunday                        10am (coached)
Ensure you are up to date with the boat booking process by checking out Sports Notice Board. This year we will be using this new online tool to manage boat bookings and squad session sign ups (instead of sportsplanner).
Most of you will have received an invite to join the Richmond Rowing Club sports noticeboard via email yesterday.  If you did not receive this invite, please register yourself via this link:
Once you set up a login you are now able to book boats out via the “club resources” section.
Your coaches will add you into relevant teams and set up the training sessions shortly. All you will need to do is RSVP to attend each session. You should start to have access to this over the next week.
There is also a mobile version of the site which you can access once you’ve set up your login ( which will allow you to book boats and rsvp for training sessions via your mobile phone
Be sure to plan early for regattas – a simplified list of important dates for the competitive stream can be found here[wpfilebase tag=file path=’RRC Competitive stream calendar.pdf’ tpl=download-button /]
A general calendar is still in preparation with lots of social events to add now the regatta calendar is finalised but here is the draft for people to start saving the dates.[wpfilebase tag=file path=’RRC club calendar 2015-16.pdf’ /]
Hopefully all the information you should need for the upcoming season should be here and will be displayed on the noticeboard at the club for your reference.
Prepared by: Head of Rowing

BOAT TRAINING – September 2014


Week 8 – Session 1

  • For the past three weeks we have concentrated on individual externals – this week we continue but look at each of these in the one session
  • We wish to look at OVERALL boat movement
  • We still wish to avoid RUSHED, VIOLENT, SUDDEN movements of hands and bodies BUT most importantly we want the following:

–       Blade traveling at constant depth below the water
–       Blade traveling at constant height above the water
–       Blade traveling at a speed through the water greater than the boat’s speed
–       Blade traveling at a speed above the water equal to the speed of the boat
–       Blade entering the water with even minor splash to front and back
–       Blade exiting the water cleanly without being enveloped by puddle

Sprint Season Crew Selection Closes Friday 24 January

At the RRC coaches’ presentation to rowers last Sunday, plans for the club’s sprint season campaign were revealed!
As detailed at the meeting, if your goal is to represent RRC at the upcoming Vic State Championships (Lake Wendouree, 1-2 March, with almost all RRC events likely to be on the Sunday), you must now nominate for the event or events in which you want to represent the club.
How you do this is set out below.
In nominating for an event, you need to keep the following in mind: Continue reading “Sprint Season Crew Selection Closes Friday 24 January”

Boxercise @ RRC

BOXERCISE at RRC, begins Monday the 9th of November at 6.30pm (arrive 10 minutes early to get paired up). Led by John Vickery, who has been running the weights programs for the club at the Richmond Football Club.
Boxercise will be run from the rowing club while the Punt Rd buildings are renovated, and as long as interest is maintained. Cost $10/full, $5/student, and like weights, I guarantee a workout that will improve your strenght & cardio – rowing’s not so secret sauce.
Martin Foster

Update for this week and a bit more….

A few updates this week for training over the next fortnight.
Myself and the family will be away sunning ourselves on Stradbroke Island from this Saturday 3 October to the following Sunday 11 October so I will be missing three sessions in a row from this Saturday. The good news is that we have a German rowing expert covering while I am away and I will be updating her with a few programs to get you through the week so it will be business as usual on the training front.
This Thursday we will be looking to get everyone down on time so we can get the full hour in as there will be a bit of tech work to fit in following on from the work we did at Bairnsdale. I will have a plan sorted out for Thursday which I will distribute to the coxes in time for the row.
 While I am away I will be developing a program that will get us through the rest of the year and will be looking to catch up with you all to go through it on Saturday 17 October so we can plan availability, selection, schedules for training and regattas. We will also touch on 2010 as we have a few things that we will need to sort out in the New Year so we know what to get our goals for.
I also would like to organise a BBQ at my place for the squad as a bit of a social get together. Plan will be to head back to Kensington one evening after rowing to consume vast quantities of meat, a token bit of salad and a few beers. Further details will be posted when I get back from Straddie so keep an eye out for that.
Last bit of news this week is that Martin and Dennis head to Sydney next week for the World Masters Games.
Martin and Dennis along with Emma and Nicole will start as one of the hot favourites in their pet event the Masters A Mixed Quad, having won the past two Australian championships in that event.
The guys will be competing in a number of races over the five days of racing as are a number of other members including Annalise Gehling, Carolyn Manning, Geraldine Goss, Derek Begg and Roberto Perillo so fingers crossed there will be plenty of medals to celebrate upon their return. Best of luck guys and we look forward to hearing the updates.

Time Trial Update and Training Wednesday this week.

Dashing display by the men’s eight on the weekend to improve their previous round the island time trial time by over 2 minutes. The official times are yet to be confirmed, but cox Derek Begg said the time was just over 32 minutes which is a vast improvement on the previous time of 34 min 16 sec.
Stoke Jim ‘it hurt like hell’ Cooper said that the crew had a reasonable row and a couple of the crew members commented that the row was a lot more controlled that the previous time trial.
Sam Morrison also completed the time trail in the single scull but was not available to comment on his row, not that we actively chased him for a comment after the All Black beat the Wallabies into submission on Saturday night in the rugby.
With the camp taking away Thursday this week, it was decided on Saturday that we would row on Wednesday AM instead so set your alarm clocks to be down at the sheds for Wednesday at 6:15 for a couple of laps before we have to de-rigg the boat for camp.

This week @ RRC

Following a pleasant friday night enjoying the products of the Goat, a saturday morning fighting off its ills, a saturday afternoon wishing that I had a boat with a rudder, and sunday drowning my shame in losing to Jim & Simon by eating a huge chunk of cow… I bring you the week of 14 September!
Sound off if you’re up for some:

  1. ergo or run action 1815 at the shed tonight. remember that your 20min with rating cap 22 is due. get total distance, avg split, avg rate, and per-2-minute splits.
  2. thursday morning row
  3. saturday afternoon row

Due to renovations at the punt road oval, RFC evening weights will finish on Monday 5 October in order to merge all the groups that use that building into half the space. They will resume some time in August when all the work is done.
John plans to run morning sessions instead:
weights: Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri mornings at 06:30
boxercise: Wed at 06:30
Thinking the weights inclined people could focus on two sessions, say Tue & Fri or Mon & Fri. I swear I’ll make it to mornings once WMG is over with.
Martin Foster

New ergo's

I have updated the ergo page on the blog with a number of new ergo’s that are sure to have you using my name in vain.
Reminder that we have a 20 minute ergo due this month, I have posted the details on top of the ergo pile so you can’t miss it. Click on the link to get the details:
I will get to the training program for Saturday tonight and have a chat to you about it tomorrow AM as I will be out of action on Saturday due to the Saltwater Challenge.

Saturday the mixed bag…

This Saturday will be a mixed bag as we have a number of items to get through on top of our normal row.
All of you would have read countless emails from Emma (RRC President) regarding the introduction of the compulsory Rowing Victoria Water Safety Management Plan that requires ALL rowers to complete a written test and swim 50 metres by 30 September to avoid wearing life jackets (or PFD) while they are rowing.
So that we will comply with this requirement, Emma is conducting a swim test Saturday morning (4 Sep) at 0930 at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre in Albert Park in the outdoor pool. Unless you are going to camp, then you will need to make this in order to meet the swim part of the requirements.
If you could email Emma today to let her know that you would be there I would appreciate it ([email protected]).
To cover the written test component, I will bring down copies of the test to rowing tomorrow afternoon so you can complete if you have not already done so.
I have had a look at the MJ Thriller video and have worked out that in 30 seconds we need to do a few shoulder shrugs, some steps forward with some breast stroke arm type movements, a few pelvic thrusts, a few steps to the right and a few steps back to the left and some open handed straight arm shaking movements….all pretty straight forward really, it’s just that we need to get the timing right.
The good news is that we do not need to do any crotch grabbing as MJ only introduced this movement when he released the album BAD and he started to invite kids over to his place for sleep over’s…there is a surprise!
Here is a link to a shorten version of the video (the original is 13 minutes long) so you can check it out:
Then the sensible part of the afternoon starts with a quick talk on a few technique bits we are looking to work on and then a row, hopefully we will have enough time to get in at least two long laps.

This week has a bit of a Jacko feel about it

Can I request that we all try and make it on time this Thursday as I have a big day of presentations and I will need to get away from the club at 0730 at the latest. If we can be pushing off for 0630 I would very much appreciate it.
Another favour to ask that requires a bit of madness. You would all know that we have a party scheduled for next Friday based around a theme of Michael Jackson. To cut a long email short I have had my creative thinking hat on again and I thought that we (plural) could do a video to promote the event. This involves the entire men’s squad taking off Michael Jacksons Thriller video….this could be bad I know, but it could also be a bit of laugh for the punters. I have this penned in for Saturday prior to the row, so don’t be late otherwise you will find yourself on the front row of the video clip. If no one turns up for a row I know it was a bad idea.
Finally I will get to a rowing program before Thursday and will update you on the session prior to then. I would also like to schedule a talk prior to Saturday’s row to get tuned up for some work that we will be doing during the session. More details later in the week.
Have a good day…Simon