RRC COVID-safe rowing requirements – Updated 28 July 2021

RRC have set out the following guidelines that must be observed by all members who choose to row/attend the club from 28 July 2021 until updated, a failure to follow these guidelines could result in fines to the individual and club, but would lead the Committee to consider ceasing members ability to row until we are comfortable the guidelines can be met by all.

RRC Requirements for a safe return to rowing:

  • COVID Check-in Marshal’s must ensure attendees to the club check in with the QR code. For coached sessions, coaches will fill the roll of COVID-check in Marshal. For uncoached sessions the first person to sign up on sports noticeboard is the designated COVID Check-in Marshal. The key issue is to ensure athletes QR Code check in and the Marshal is there to facilitate compliance. Without COVID Check-in Marshal’s the club can not reopen – this is an essential requirement.
  • RRC members can only attend designated RRC sessions – MLC is our tenant and a valuable partner of RRC, we have agreed designated time RRC and MLC will hold sessions. Should session allocations/attendance at the club not be followed, breaches of the headcount limit within the Government regulations could result. See below for session allocation times that must be adhered to.
  • Social distancing must be maintained including keeping 1.5 meters apart, not congregating within or outside of the shed. There should be no physical greetings, high 5’s, spitting etc.
  • Frequent hand washing and good hygiene is requirement to be observed – wash/sanitise hands before and after each session, couch/sneeze in the crook of the elbow, avoid touching face or surfaces if not required, follow hygiene signs within club
  • Monday Boxercise may be held in the main hall subject to electronic sign up and headcount limits for indoor activities.
  • Toilet access is availablechange room access is available, showers are allowed to be used. The change rooms are small and have limited headcount access. It is advised to dress for training before arriving at the club. Valuables should be left at home in case change room access is difficult. There should be no shared items of kit, including towels, drink bottles or spanners. Given the change room sizes and headcount caps we ask that shower use is minimised during busy times.
  • On water training sessions will be limited to 35 rowers – See below for rostering and sign up arrangements to enable this on a fair basis. It will not be possible to turn up to the club to row without signing up in advance so the 35 person limit is not exceeded. Private boats will not be in excess of this number, the 35 person limit and rostering/sign up requirements will be across the club whether using club or private equipment.
  • All boat types are allowed to be used. All members must sign up on sportsnoticeboard and sign out in the boat sign out sheet to track attendance and boat usage should contact tracing be required.
  • Masks must be worn indoors and outdoors when not exercising. This includes the boat bays and between the club and the water.
  • All equipment must be thoroughly washed – following the guidance posters in the boat shed for cleaning of boats, oars, gym equipment and ergos etc.
  • Members are required to clean frequently touched club fixtures at the end of the session. Whilst we engage paid cleaners, we cannot have them present multiple times a day, members are therefore required to clean frequently touched fixtures after each session including the areas of Boat bays, Back Entrance, Disabled toilet, Stairs, Toilets, Main Hall and Classroom and Gym. Complete the QR code sign out to confirm your crew has accounted for cleaning.
  • Every session is required to have a safety officer to oversee these requirements – this role will be taken on by a coach if present, if not the first person to sign up to a session (see below) will act as the safety officer. All members who agree to row must be willing to take on this role so the club can demonstrate its compliance, if not please do not attend the training session. The RRC Safety Officer Checklist is attached.
  • If you are unwell or display any symptoms you must not attend the club to train. Members should consider their own wellbeing and that of others when considering whether to row. By attending and signing out a boat you are confirming you do not feel unwell and are not displaying any COVID-19 symptoms. If you have a positive test in relation to COVID-19 please let the Committee know immediately so we can assess any possible contact with club members and we may take appropriate action regarding club facilities.
  • If you have a positive test in relation to COVID-19 please let the Committee know immediately so we can assess your contact with club members and take appropriate action regarding club facilities.

On water rostering and sign up requirements

  • So we can adhere to headcount requirements on water training sessions are capped at 50 people. To limit cross over of members between sessions the following applies:
  • Sessions will be 2 hours in length, however they will be scheduled in 2.5 hour blocks to allow for no crossover of members, therefore sessions should finish 2 hours after start time i.e. 6am session starts at 6am and finished at 8am.
  • Sign up is required by sportsnoticeboard. We have created 50 sign ups in the “Club Resources” called “COVID Training Session #01, COVID Training Session #02……” . Book one of these 50 Club Resources in the name of the person rowing for the session you are planning to attend, also book the boat you plan to row (if it is a private boat only book one of the 50 Club Resources. Once these 50 Club Resources are booked the session is full.
  • The first person to sign up must sign up as “COVID Training Session #01” and take on the role of the safety officer (see above). Signing up as a later number to avoid this role is not appropriate, should you see this occur please advise the individual and the Committee so this can be rectified.
  • If you do not have a Club Resource booked for a session do not turn up hoping to row (or for any other purpose) – you will be breaching the Victorian Government guidelines and putting our ability to operate as a club at risk.
  • On arrival at the club sign in to register your attendance for contact tracing purposes using the QR codes posted at the back door, near the boat bay doors, in the mens and womens change rooms
  • Completion of the boat sign out sheet at the club is also required to manage on water safety requirements

Ergo usage at the club

  • 8 ergo’s will be available for use at the club
  • The ergo’s are only to be used at the club at an RRC session time when there is no function on at the club
  • They must be booked in advance on sportstnoticeboard via the Ergo resource slots using your contact details for contact tracing (they are in excess of the 50 on water headcount above). Sign in via QR code at the club is also required.
  • They are to be used on the deck, facing the river in 2 lines of 4. A 1.5 meter distance between any point of the erg must be maintained at all times. Space should be allowed to move the ergs around at the end of the session if other people are still using them without coming within 1.5 meters of the other ergs.
  • Should the weather conditions mean that outdoor usage is not possible, the ergo’s may be used in the main hall/classroom. The ergo’s should be positioned a minimum of 1.5 meters apart.
  • If used in the main hall all sliding doors must be open to improve airflow, air conditioning should be used rather than fans to improve airflow
  • Ergs are to be stored in the main hall, moved onto the deck and returned to the main hall. When setting up for functions caterers will store the ergs in the gym during functions
  • Cleaning instructions are provided near the ergs with appropriate cleaning products, please follow the cleaning instructions before and after each session
  • Any coaching is to be 1.5 meters away from all athletes using ergs, coaches should not touch the athelete or the erg. 

Gym usage at the club

  • Gym usage is limited to 6 people at a time (consistent with 1 person per 8m2 rule)
  • Gym training sessions must be booked in advance on sportstnoticeboard via the COVID Gym Session slots, using your contact details for contact tracing (they are in excess of the on water and ergo headcounts). Sign in via QR code at the club is also required.
  • So touch point cleaning can be performed at the end of a session and limiting cross over of members using the gum, we are also implementing session times for gym usage. See table below for session times.
  • Every member wishing to use the gym must have completed the online Australia Government infection control training – your certificate must be provided to the Secretary ([email protected]https://www.health.gov.au/resources/apps-and-tools/covid-19-infection-control-training
  • To improve airflow the sliding door to the outside is to be opened when using the gym, airconditioning should be used rather than fans to improve airflow (based on guidance from Fitness Australia)
  • There are 6 stations marked out with tape in the gym to allow appropriate space (2 deadlift stations, 2 bench stations, lats machine and pull up/weight cage equipment). Equipment is not to be moved from these positions, with gym users facing away from each other. One person is to use equipment/machine at a time and cleaning is required before another person can use the equipment. 
  • The Ergbike and Spin bike are to be moved outside to the deck for usage – this are not to be used in the gym
  • Members are to maintain 1.5m distance at all times
  • All equipment used and surfaces touched must be cleaned before and after use – see sign off sheets within the gym and detailed guidance on posters with appropriate cleaning products etc

Designated on water session times

11:00 am – 1.15pmRRCRRCRRCRRCRRCMLC to 12:00RRC
1:30 – 3:30pmRRCRRCRRCRRCRRCRRC from 12:15RRC

Designated gym and ergo session times

7:15 – 8:45amRRC
9:00  – 10.30amRRC
12:30 – 2:00 pmRRC
2:15 – 3:30pmRRC
3:45 – 6.00 pmMLC
6.15 – 7:30 pmRRC  
7:45 – 9:15pmRRC

All members must follow these guidelines, if not we will be required to close the club. We will regularly review the guidelines and provide updates where appropriate.


RRC Presentation Night Awards 2021

After a postponement we were finally able to hold the Richmond Rowing Club 2021 Presentation Night on the third of July.

We celebrated our Male and Female rowers and Coxswain of the year. These prestigious awards are determined through participation and success at regattas, club races and club time trials. The winners on the evening were:

Mal Scott Award – Male Club Rower of the Year – Dennis Beck

John Sawyer – Female Club Rower of the Year – Kirsty Fergie

The Don Edwards, Cox of the year award was won by Derek Begg

Female Masters Rower of the Year – Michelle Joy

Male Masters Rower of the Year – Leigh Sullivan

The President’s Award was presented to Jack Hellerstedt. Whilst Jack has only been a member for 2 years he has taken an active role coordinating the men’s squad, setting up the [email protected] session, weekly training plans and regatta entries. He is also always willing to jump in any boat to make sure crews get out and is frequently a late minute coxswain call up. Jack is also a great motivator to keep people engaged with the club on and off water.  

The Hendley Family Mixed Quad Time Trial was presented to Dennis Beck, Geraldine Goss, Karen Doggett, John Carey and Derek Begg (coxswain).

The Keith Millar male coxed four Round the Island time trial was won by Dennis Beck, Liam Lovett, Ethan Lovett, Jon Roberts and Derek Begg (coxswain).

The Keith Millar female coxed four Round the Island time trial was won by Chelsea Crouser, Kirsty Fergie, Xanthe Hadfield, Melanie Perkins and Aline Dejeagher (coxswain).

The Jim Barton Female Tub Single time trial was won by Kirsty Fergie.

Member Protection Policy

Rowing is a sport that values teamwork, cooperation and leadership and one that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

Rowing Australia is committed to ensuring that a diverse range of athletes continue to enjoy our sport for years to come and to providing a safe environment in which to do so. Rowing Australia has developed its Member Protection Policy to reinforce its commitment to providing an environment for participants of all ages and backgrounds that is safe, free from harassment and abuse, and promotes respectful and positive behaviour and values.

Richmond Rowing Club has adopted the Rowing Australia Member Protection Policy. The policy provides a code of conduct forming the basis of appropriate and ethical conduct which everyone must abide by. Inappropriate or unlawful behaviour will not be tolerated by Rowing Australia or its State and Territory Associations, and disciplinary action will be taken against individuals if there is a breach of this policy.

Derek Begg and Aline Dejeagher have taken on the Richmond Rowing Club Member Protection Information Officer roles. If you believe you have a Member Protection Policy matter and would like to discuss further, please contact Derek or Ally. If you feel that you are not able to speak with someone at Richmond Rowing Club about such a matter the Rowing Victoria Member Protection Information Officer to contact is: Lynne Charge

This policy is an essential part of our proactive and preventative approach to tackling inappropriate behaviour within our sport. I trust that all Richmond Rowing Club members, coaches and athletes will assist in promoting safe and responsible behaviour within rowing. 

Link to MPP

If you are a member of Rowing Victoria and would like to report a MPP incident please click on the link :

Link to MPP complaint

Feeling positive, testing negative….Richmond goes to Masters Nationals By Geraldine Goss

Good grief! As if 2020 was not crazy enough…it was at least simple in comparison everything was cancelled! But in 2021 the shadow of Covid lingers and it certainly impacted
the Victorian masters rowing community once again…

Preparing for the nationals masters championships…firstly, we all know how well prepared
Kate and Michelle were, having rowed a magnificent race in Tassie to achieve fourth place in the National Championship Club 2x. Together with Zoe, Karen and myself this small
contingent from Dario’s squad had been training hard with eyes on the 1x, 2x, B and C 4x
and 4+ national masters titles (It’s all about thinking big!). From Stu’s squad Sarah and
Christine planned to race in their successful C2x as well as the LW1x and various colourful
composite crews, and Phil and Leigh were set to join the fun for weekend events. But
another crazy masters season saw regattas cancelled (Ballarat), moved (Carrum, due to blue green algae), cancelled Albert Park, (due to sewage leak)… leaving the Vics somewhat
underdone in terms of race preparation…in addition, the nationals regatta itself was
relocated to Adelaide after flooding left the Penrith course unsafe. Maybe this sounds like a
minor thing but those of us who competed at nationals in Adelaide in 2014 still bear the
scars…the memories…wind, hail, freezing cold days, huge waves…just the mention of
Westlakes sent the heart racing and the muscles shivering.

Despite this our hopes were high. Training in different boats meant 6-7 on water sessions
per week, with ergs, weight and yoga thrown in. Covid remained quiet- until Tuesday May
25…that evening masks became compulsory and the Covid lockdown threat loomed
large…together with the tendency of the SA premier to rapidly shut the border to its hapless neighbour… Wednesday was an incredibly stressful day as messages flew around (are you on a plane? Has the trailer crossed the border? Will we make it? Did you escape in time??). In addition to our RRC crews, Michelle and I were representing Victoria in the interstate eight and anxiously we watched as one by one crew members brought flights forward, the boat trailer crossed the SA border and rowers presented for Covid tests. By this time Covid testing on arrival (and on d5) and isolation until test results were available was mandatory rowers were not allowed on to the course until a negative Covid test was confirmed. The rules were at times unclear, and some clubs cancelled flights altogether, thinking that they would have to isolate for 5 days. For Richmond it was true sporting tragedy when Kate and Zoe were unable to cross the border before it closed…Michelle brought her flight forward and was one of the last to escape (!). Karen and I arrived earlier Wednesday, and Ainsley crossed the border by car. Sarah and Christine arrived Wednesday evening, before the border closed but not in time to return a negative Covid rest in order to make it to their C2x heat early on Thursday morning. Leigh and Phil remained trapped in Victoria. And so Victorian clubs became a kind of squad, with subs here and there, but with many rowers missing events on day 1. But we stayed positive, while happily testing negative.

Fortunately, the Banks gentlemen received test results at lunchtime and were able to
compete in the mixed quad with Ainsley and myself, bringing home a gold medal! On Day 2
the C4+ – missing Kate but with our good friend Linda Skidmore as a sub – still had a fabulous race where the first three boats finished within a second. Sarah switched with Christine to cox this race and we finished in bronze medal place. In the afternoon, Sarah and Christine achieved a handy fourth final place in their composite A4x crew. Meanwhile Michelle and I brought home a championship gold medal in the E4x and I teamed up with my old friends from ERC in a mixed 4x where we came second to a crew containing two Olympians. Here is the joy of masters racing: a chance to race against (and sometimes with!) Olympians (noteone who has been to the Olympics is forever an Olympian- never an ex). What fun!

Competition was ferocious. On day 3 Christine and Sarah were able to sub in for Kate and
Michelle in the B2x, which made up a little for them missing their favoured C2x. Meanwhile,
my long time 2x partner Jen and I had one of our best ever rows to win the F2x. Later that
morning Michelle stroked a C-age 8 which comprised most of the Vic crew, with Karen in a
rival composite boat. Our bronze medal behind two Queensland crews illustrated the Qld
dominance in women’s eights- ultimately almost all age female eights were won by
Queensland crews. And so, later that day the Vic eight rowed in the interstate race, stroked
by Michelle and, even with a 9- second PB were outclassed by Queensland. What a great
race it was, and in perfect weather conditions. That afternoon also saw Sarah row in the
LWA1x: lightweight 1x is a new event at Nationals and Sarah held off the Mosman sculler to
lead all the way and take out the championship gold medal. A great day!

Day 4 saw our blue-ribbon events: in the morning the B4x went ahead with Jess from the
(also depleted) Carrum squad subbing, together with our good friend Alex Whelan, the one
and only female rower from WA in Adelaide, who was luckily available for both B and C
quads. With Sarah in a rival composite B quad RRC were out in force. After a dominant
display at states the original RRC crew was certainly the favourite, and to their credit
Michelle and Karen overcame the disappointment at missing Kate and Zoe and gave a
winning performance in very windy conditions to take the championship gold medal. The
final afternoon saw Sarah and Christine achieve a great performance in a composite D eight, while in another cracker final, the RRC/ANA C4x crew took the bronze medal.

Our thanks to Dario and Will for the wonderful coaching and encouragement. Well done to
Stu whose squad was represented well. And it was wonderful to hear good wishes from club members, so thanks to those who took an interest! It’s truly great be out competing again and we were blessed with excellent conditions- a fortunate comparison to 2014. But the best events are those you have trained for together and pursued a goal. To be so well
prepared and not get the chance to race is really gut wrenching. So- stay positive. Test
negative. Get vaccinated. Masters National Championship regatta Perth 2022. Be there.

2021 RRC AGM – Saturday 31st July

Richmond Rowing Club’s Annual General Meeting will be held on the morning of Saturday 31st July. The meeting is currently planned to start at 10am.
At the AGM all Committee members stand down and positions are available for club members to stand for election to the RRC Committee for the coming year. Generally the incoming Committee is a blend of new and experienced members. To present yourself for election, you are required to have been a member of the club for more than 2 years and be willing to help out with the club’s organisation. If you are interested, feel free to chat to any of the current Committee members to get some more background information. The Committee positions are:

Head of Rowing
Captain of Boats
Fundraising Coordinator
Facilities Coordinator
Ordinary Member (two ordinary member positions are available which assist with a number of areas)

During the AGM, outgoing Committee members will briefly go through some of the highlights of the year, as well as a summary of the club’s financial situation and the main achievements compared to the goals we set out last year. This usually takes less than an hour and we warmly invite all members of the club to attend.
If you wish to present yourself for election, please complete a nomination form below and submit it to the secretary at least 14 days prior to the meeting (BEFORE 16th July).

Victorian State Masters Championships, 8 – 9 May 2021

For most Richmond rowers the Victorian State Masters Championships for 2021 marks the end of a strange season with memories of lockdowns, zoom training sessions, regattas without spectators and cancellations for many reasons. But the State Masters Championship was a chance to put that behind us and focus on the opportunity to end the season on a high.

We were blessed with great conditions at Nagambie for the weekend with plenty of Richmond members competing from our full trailer. With plenty of on water action Richmond was well represented with strong performances throughout. Well done to everyone who competed, we had great success on the day including:


Female AB Single – Kate Dyball

Female AB Double – Michelle Joy and Kate Dyball

Female Club Coxless Quad – Karen Doggett, Zoe Maxwell, Michelle Joy and Kate Dyball

Female AB Coxless Quad – Karen Doggett, Zoe Maxwell, Michelle Joy and Kate Dyball

Male AB Coxed Four – Jon Roberts, Allan Randall, John Carey, Dennis Beck, Cox: Stefanie Dudczig

Male AB Pair – Jon Roberts and Allan Randall

Female C Coxless Quad – Karen Doggett, Geraldine Goss, Michelle Joy, Kate Dyball

Female F Double – Geraldine Goss and Jennifer Bingham (MUBC)


Male AB Coxed Four –Philip Munson, Tim Evans, George Frederiksen, Leigh Sullivan, Cox: Christine Sullivan

Female Club Coxed Four – Karen Doggett, Geraldine Goss, Michelle Joy, Kate Dyball, Cox: Teesaan Koo,

Female E Double – Geraldine Goss and Bea Klein-van Mullekom (Melbourne)

Female AB Coxless Quad – Jennifer Bingham (MUBC), Zoe Ryan (Melbourne), Geraldine Goss, Pamela Whiting (MUBC)


Female C Double – Geraldine Goss and Ainsley Raggatt (Banks)

Mixed D Double – Geraldine Goss and Tim Juzefowicz (Essendon)

Welcome to Richmond’s newest member Elaine Miles who competed strongly on the day in Richmond crews and also picked up a gold for coxing Powerhouse/Yarra Yarra crew in the Male E Four.

Good luck to those Richmond members competing at National Masters in 2 weeks’ time in South Australia, representing Richmond and Victoria!!

Continued Expansion of RRC Fleet

Through the first half of this financial year the club expanded our fleet with some second hand purchases, adding 2 stern coxed quad/fours and a number of singles to assist with our socially distanced rowing.

The Committee has also recently purchased an ex National Training Centre Sykes women’s lightweight double. This is a top of the range boat to support our highly competitive crews and requires the captains permission to row it. This boat is to be named the Franzi Locher. Franzi was a club member, rower and coach for a number of years and was the architect of the most recent renovation of the club house. Given the funds we receive from hiring our venue has contributed to our fleet expansion in recent years it is fitting that we honour the architect in this way.

We have also purchased and received a new Sykes men’s double as we improve the quality of our fleet including our smaller boats which are seeing more use. Again, this boat is not a general use boat and it requires the captain’s permission to row it. This boat is to be named the Emma Catford. Emma is a past president of Richmond Rowing Club, serving for 5 years in the role to 2013. Significant work was done by the Committee over that time to plan the renovation including reaching agreements with Melbourne City Council and MLC such that the club has been able to grow significantly since then. Emma was also a very successful rower throughout her time at the club.

It is great to have an expanded and newer fleet in the shed, this has been achieved through careful management of our finances and the income we receive from our hall hires – thank you to everyone who contributed to this.

We plan to christen these boats at our upcoming club BBQ on May 16th. Look out for details soon.

It is also important we continue to safeguard our fleet to minimise damage both on the water and in the shed, any damage to our fleet takes them out of action and the repairs eat into our funds for new boats. Please continue to be careful in the shed with oars and riggers when moving around, don’t leave boats unattended on trestles and take appropriate safeguards on the water with lights when dark and paying attention to the increasing river traffic.

RRC rowers to represent Victoria in the State Masters 8+

Congratulations to Michelle Joy and Geraldine Goss for being selected to represent Victoria as part of the states Masters 8+ crew. It’s great to have 2 Richmond rowers in the crew who will race as part of the National Masters Regatta in Sydney at the end of May. This is Michelle’s first time representing Victoria in the Masters crew, with Geraldine’s selection adding to a long list of success with selection into the crew.

They will be competing in a Richmond 8+, with the Ray Dennis being provided to the crew to train and compete in on the day. While this means it will not be available for a small number of training sessions and when in Sydney, it is important to support our Richmond rowers and the Victorian crew in achieving the best outcome possible. It also goes to reinforce the quality of the Richmond fleet which continues to improve further.

2021 RRC Quiz Night

It was wonderful to see so many current members, old members and guests at our quiz night last weekend. The 2020 quiz night was unfortunately cancelled as COVID-19 impacted the country, so being able to get together this year was even better.

As you would all know as a volunteer run, community based club we are dependent on fundraising to support our ongoing operation to strengthen our fleet and provide coaching to our members. The quiz night is an important part of this as one of our biggest fundraising avenues.

Thank you to all those present, the volunteers who set up and cleaned up, the bar staff, those who generously donated auction prizes and those who bought them. Thank you to Derek Begg as our auctioneer on the night and Justin Thomas for writing the quiz questions. A massive thank you to Amy Catlin for organising the night and being our magical quizmaster for the evening.

Congratulations to our winning team on the night “Gently down the stream” comprising of Imogen, Lachlan, Charlotte, Rosie, Laura, Lachie and Ally who took out a closely fought contest.

Updated RRC Safety Management Plan

The Clubs Safety Management Plan is an important document and all members should be aware of its contents. The safety management plan covers our on water activities, covering:

  • The assessment and reduction of risks related to our on water activities
  • Member Responsibilities
  • Safety Resources
  • Information about the safe use of boats and equipment including a checklist covering safe working condition of equipment prior to rowing
  • Incident reporting
  • Competency of those involved in rowing

Please review the document and be aware of it’s contents, I would like to highlight the following as reminders:

  • Consider the risk assessment board at the front of the club prior to any outing to assess the conditions. Ensure you know the waterway rules (included on the local waterways plan) and sign out of the shed on the sheet. If conditions are not safe or beyond your capabilities do not proceed.
  • Be aware of the safety resources at the club and their location including safety aids/rescue and defibrillator (beneath the sweep oars), first aid kits (gym), emergency services information etc
  • Check the boat and equipment before every outing including the bow ball is securely fixed, seals/bungs are secure for buoyancy, heel restraints are secure, steering is in good working order, riggers, gates etc. are working appropriately and oars are appropriately set within gates.
  • Lights must be used in poor visibility, take into account your planned on water time not just conditions when you launch
  • Consider your competency before any session, including physical/medical considerations, ability of participates and coxswains for the conditions and the boat you plan to launch in. If unsure, do not proceed.
  • Every rower is required to complete a safety theory assessment and swim test on joining. In addition the Rowing Victoria coxswains accreditation must be achieved in advance of rowing a single or coxing a boat/steering a coxless boat from bow seat.
  • Any incidents must be reported immediately. Should an incident occur you should return to the shed as damage may have occurred to the boat you are not aware of which could impact the crews safety. Reporting should be via http://richmondrowing.com.au/incident
  • There is increased boat traffic on the Yarra, be aware of this at the time of your row and frequently consider the boat traffic around you to reduce the risk of incidents. Be considerate of other river users and do not undertake higher risk activities eg turning close to bridges, race pieces when the river is very busy/there are a high number of inexperienced crews or motor boats.
  • Based on Captains instructions:
    • No RRC crews are permitted 50 metres beyond the downstream drip line of the Bolte Bridge into the Port of Melbourne Area as we do not have the required equipment to meet the Harbour Masters Directions.
    • RRC crews may turn under the Bolte Bridge and enter Victoria Harbour:
      • • as long as it is safe to do so.
      • • provided they are within 50 metres of the downstream drip line of the Bolte Bridge.

Good luck to our rowers competing at the National Championships

Michelle Joy and Kate Dyball, coached by Dario Sportelli, will be representing Richmond at the 2021 Australian Rowing Championships at Lake Barrington in the Club Women’s Double Scull. Following a very successful Victorian State Championships campaign, we wish them the best of luck competing against Australia’s best crews in Tasmania.

There will be a live stream of the races accessible via the RV website with Michelle and Kate competing on Thursday afternoon and Sunday Morning. Hopefully everyone is able to get online and watch them do the club proud.