2023 Presentation Night

What a year! If you’re wondering how it’s possible that it’s already May and Winter Sculling is just around the corner, you’re not alone. This season has absolutely flown by! We’ve had floods, cancellations, scorching hot regattas and, of course, triumphs. So what better way to celebrate than at Presentation Night!? For those who missed out on this most auspicious evening…you really missed out! It was fantastic night recognising the efforts and achievements of all club members. So let’s continue that theme and recap the night that was!

The food: delicious; the drink: free-flowing…Presentation Night had all the hallmarks of a great evening. None of this would’ve been possible without the hard work of RRC’s dedicated committee and members – so thank you Helen, Ally, Jack, Richie, Lily, Anthea, John, Gerry and many many more.

With the stage set, it was time to get into the celebration. In case you didn’t already know: here at Richmond we have a competitive streak – good sportsmanship above all else, but a competitive streak nonetheless. And this competitive spirit was primed and ready to go with the host of awards being doled out on Presentation Night.

Congratulations to all members who received an award!

  • The President’s Award: Phil Munson
  • Captain’s Award: Ally Dejeagher & Isaac Balemi
  • Best and Furriest: Emily Bourke
  • The Eye of The Tiger: The Men’s Squad (good one boys)
  • John Sawyer Award (Female Rower of the Year): Kate Dyball
  • Mal Scott Award (Male Rower of the Year): Ben Wardle
  • Don Edwards Award (Coxswain of the Year): Ally Dejeagher & Derek Begg
  • Masters Rower of the Year (Female): Geraldine Goss
  • Masters Rower of the Year (Male): Jack Hellerstedt
  • Novice Rower of the Year: James Merrett

And, of course, the most coveted award of the night: Regatta Dog of the Year was awarded to Daphne and Zeppy (with Nyxie as a close runner up).

A massive congratulations to all rowers, coxswains, coaches, volunteers and participants (and regatta dogs)!

Season 2022/23 has been incredible for everyone throughout RRC. We’ve achieved great feats as a club and as individual athletes: PBs were broken, new skills unlocked, and enduring friendships formed. Thanks to each and every one of you for making this season what it was. Enjoy the off-season, rest up, recharge and get ready for a massive Season 2023/24.

Let’s go Richmond!