Update for this week and a bit more….

A few updates this week for training over the next fortnight.
Myself and the family will be away sunning ourselves on Stradbroke Island from this Saturday 3 October to the following Sunday 11 October so I will be missing three sessions in a row from this Saturday. The good news is that we have a German rowing expert covering while I am away and I will be updating her with a few programs to get you through the week so it will be business as usual on the training front.
This Thursday we will be looking to get everyone down on time so we can get the full hour in as there will be a bit of tech work to fit in following on from the work we did at Bairnsdale. I will have a plan sorted out for Thursday which I will distribute to the coxes in time for the row.
 While I am away I will be developing a program that will get us through the rest of the year and will be looking to catch up with you all to go through it on Saturday 17 October so we can plan availability, selection, schedules for training and regattas. We will also touch on 2010 as we have a few things that we will need to sort out in the New Year so we know what to get our goals for.
I also would like to organise a BBQ at my place for the squad as a bit of a social get together. Plan will be to head back to Kensington one evening after rowing to consume vast quantities of meat, a token bit of salad and a few beers. Further details will be posted when I get back from Straddie so keep an eye out for that.
Last bit of news this week is that Martin and Dennis head to Sydney next week for the World Masters Games.
Martin and Dennis along with Emma and Nicole will start as one of the hot favourites in their pet event the Masters A Mixed Quad, having won the past two Australian championships in that event.
The guys will be competing in a number of races over the five days of racing as are a number of other members including Annalise Gehling, Carolyn Manning, Geraldine Goss, Derek Begg and Roberto Perillo so fingers crossed there will be plenty of medals to celebrate upon their return. Best of luck guys and we look forward to hearing the updates.