This week @ RRC

Following a pleasant friday night enjoying the products of the Goat, a saturday morning fighting off its ills, a saturday afternoon wishing that I had a boat with a rudder, and sunday drowning my shame in losing to Jim & Simon by eating a huge chunk of cow… I bring you the week of 14 September!
Sound off if you’re up for some:

  1. ergo or run action 1815 at the shed tonight. remember that your 20min with rating cap 22 is due. get total distance, avg split, avg rate, and per-2-minute splits.
  2. thursday morning row
  3. saturday afternoon row

Due to renovations at the punt road oval, RFC evening weights will finish on Monday 5 October in order to merge all the groups that use that building into half the space. They will resume some time in August when all the work is done.
John plans to run morning sessions instead:
weights: Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri mornings at 06:30
boxercise: Wed at 06:30
Thinking the weights inclined people could focus on two sessions, say Tue & Fri or Mon & Fri. I swear I’ll make it to mornings once WMG is over with.
Martin Foster