Gray Matters a florists best friend

Afternoon Rowers,
Wow the invites I’ve had for dinner dates since I sent out my photo last week have to be seen to be believed, I’m sneezing as I write this as I’ve just answered the door to yet another bunch of roses. I only hope I’m fortunate enough for the pic to find its way onto face book and into the hands of devastated ex’s and successful high school peers.
Word is out that best dressed at the MJ party went to JL, who dressed as a Zombie. I have to be clear here that I mean MAN NOT BOAT, as the JL boat is also white, slow, has about as many winning medals as your average Zombie and generally lives life at a ghoulish /sluggish pace, best way to tell which is which (Zombie or boat) is to of course weigh them.
Essendon Saltwater Regatta
We’re extremely concerned that Joe has now tasted success (other than in a row over…) and we’ll be forced to use our legs past the first 100 metres of our next race. Until now, winning was something the crews in the distance did. Joe won with the boys and the girls crew. Proving that we can no longer blame her……….. Hmm, back to blaming the boat then.
Such success means we can have a couple of cheap stabs at the WMG mixed quad and current Australian Champions (that is World Masters Games, not WWF which is obviously wrestling or saving whales, neither of which we are involved in at this present stage) learnt why you should have steering on a boat during the saltwater challenge after rowing every where except Highpoint to check out the sales; Simon Crunden (man not boat) managed to go past Poyntons for the first time ever without having to spend $200 on plants for the garden, however the Australian Champions couldn’t resist and tried hard to check out all the plants down the course as well as at Poyntons sale.
All rowers need to be at club at 9:45 am for 10 am on water. Hopefully, we can boat 3 8s and 3 4s like last time.
Derek’s HoTY 8 is catering. So some HOT and YUM food coming our way.
We will need someone to do the timing (otherwise it’s a row around the island, not a time trial) and someone to marshal the boats. Apparently JL as well as having a boat and a Zombie outfit, has a stopwatch so we may have a volunteer (term loosely used) here.
We’ll be a few short as some of us rowing WMG will be at Carrum! Ah the prestige…Ok so it doesn’t have the allure of the Nile, and doesn’t exactly scream World, but I guess we’ve got to start somewhere.
THE OTHER BIG THING COMING UP – IS CAMP!  As part of camp festivities we will be running a members “all about you” trivia.  Simon will send out a link on Survey Monkey were members can include a couple of interesting facts about themselves from which we can make up questions. (You don’t have to be at camp – to put facts in.)
e.g.  How does Nicole Start the day on a Monday morning A) a cup of tea and a box of freddos, B) A keg of Mountain Goat Ale and a box of Freddos, C) she brings a healthy nutritious breakfast, D) She forgets her breakfast and her wallet and has a tin of MLC’s milo followed by a bottle of tomato sauce.
If Mike, EMMA and JUSTIN haven’t seen you swim and you haven’t done your multi choice test you will look like a git in the water in October. Join Sandra and I in our floaties…… We’ll be doing our best to make them cool. I think I might try putting a ribbon in my hair, schoolgirl style, yellow of course, it’s important to match. Then I may look like a toddler taken out by their parents for a paddle…. I hope I don’t get chaffing under my arms, I must remember some vaseline.
katie gray
PANS (PA to Nicole Studka, previously PA to JK until she was transferred to the Darwin Oar Rowing Society and now champions the DORC’s up there)