Sunday Time Trial

We have a time trial scheduled for this Sunday (at 1000hrs) and would like to see the following combinations doing the trip around the island:
Men’s Eight
Stroke: Jim Cooper
7: Matt Lane
6: Alex Playsted
5: Johno
4: Barry Campbell
3: Justin Thomas
2: Kevin Burrows
Bow: David Micallef
Cox: TBA
Men’s Single
Sam Morrison
Lunch is being put on by the women’s eight and they have promised lashings of bacon, eggs and other assorted artery hardening foods. I will not be down on the Sunday as it is Henry’s (son) 3rd birthday and we have a mass of kids and parents coming over to tear the house down over brunch so I should be home to try and restrict the damage that is bound to occur.
I am in the process of confirming another cox as Elaine is on family duties as her father is in town. See you all Saturday.