Upcoming racking work in the boat shed

With the ongoing expansion and improvements to our fleet it is also time for us to update the racking in the boat shed so we are able to accommodate more boats as we continue our growth. The Committee has approved the re-racking of the rear of the RRC shed (the area between the Captains workbench and the 8 racks). So we are able to double rack unrigged boats doubling the capacity of this space.
The works will be taking place during the day time from Monday 21 January for a week. Please be aware people will be working in the shed over this time so access may be a little bit more difficult and please obey any safety signs or instructions.
In order to do this we will be relocating a number of boats to the RRC trailer over this time. We understand this may make it harder to access the fleet for a small amount of time, but the longer term benefits are significant. If you use a boat during this time, please ensure it is returned to where it came from and it is tied down if it is on the trailer.
We need some assistance to relocate boats for the work to happen. Please come along on Saturday 19 January, 9.30am to help out. Many hands make light work!!!

It’s shiny and new: Thanks to Nic and team

Most members will have noticed by now that the RRC bay has undergone a bit of a transformation with new shiny racking and that many things are located in different places.
The clubs sculling oar sets are now located near the front stairwell door on the RRC labelled yellow oar holders and the red oar holders located in between the roller door and the main switchboard cabinet is where private members oars are now stored.
The majority of the clubs sweep oars are located in angled racks at the front of the shed whilst some are located at the rear of the old MLC bay care should be taken getting these items in and out of the racks.
The new rolling boat rack should be operated with care to prevent boats being damaged and also members will need to be extra careful removing boats from the racks at the rear of the shed as there can be some overlap of bows and sterns.  For some reason all our boats are different lengths and so there will be a bit of moving around until the optimum locations are sorted.
Finally riggers are now stored at the rear of the sheds and should be returned there when not in use. Please don’t dump things on the floor as we are trying to keep the shed tidy and easy to clean with less stuff on the floor.
Members also need to be careful of the boats located in the hanging racks when carrying equipment in and out of the sheds and also the tops of the roller doors to avoid banging riggers on the lintel.
Some of our less used fleet items and our only quick release riggered boat are located on the new sliding rack and will need to be rigged and –derigged for each session.  Whilst this is a minor inconvenience it will require a little fore-planning for sessions. It also means that you don’t have to re-rig a quad as a four and vice versa but can choose the configuration for the session.
If you don’t like rigging boats and would prefer the club to have more quick release boats then why not help us in our efforts by participating in our fundraising initiatives like the Christmas raffle to win a hamper full of hundreds of dollars worth of goodies. Tickets are on sale now and the winner will be drawn on the 16th December at the RRC Christmas party. Tickets are $4 each or 3 for $10 please email Cat at fundraising@richmondrowing.com.au if you would like to be entered but won’t be at the club over the next two weeks.
Another huge upcoming fundraiser is our NYE party, get in quick to secure your ticket for $80, which will include food and the best view of the city’s new year fireworks. Bring your friends and family and purchase tickets here http://www.trybooking.com/171743

Access, Security and other Boathouse Information

Not surprisingly, we have been getting some questions about how our new boathouse operates so here is some information to help everyone along. It is not complete as we are yet to have handover of some functions / items in the building. When we do have all the handover complete, we will organise a time to walk members through the building so you get to know first-hand how to operate certain things.
Members can apply for access fobs using the form contained in the access policy on the website. Member fobs give you access into the boathouse through the rear door and also the downstairs front door. They also provide access to the gym and the hall areas inside the boathouse.
When you are down for training or any other everyday matter, please use the rear stairs to access the first floor. This will help us reduce wear and tear on the carpeted hall area and ensure that you do not mistakenly walk into a private function in the hall!
Therefore member fobs do not open the door at the top of the front stairs – think of the front door and stairs now as the ‘function’ entry to the boathouse and the rear door and stairs as the rowing and training entry to the building. For those who have been members for a few years you will recall that this was the arrangement for many years. It helps us keep the front entry stairs and the hall clean.
Continue reading “Access, Security and other Boathouse Information”

Building handover update

We have been waiting for the fire service main to be connected before the builders can hand over the boathouse to RRC. While the boathouse looks finished, the builders are still rectifying defects, a usual end of project process.
Member access to the  boathouse remains as only the boat bays and changerooms until handover. The boathouse may look completed, but it is still under the builders insurance and responsibility, not RRC’s. It also does not have a functioning fire service, hence our limited access.
SE Water has now confirmed that they will do the mains tapping next week and Lloyd Group have confirmed that they will have completed all works by Wednesday 1 October. The building surveyor will have all documentation ready on Wednesday to complete the handover to RRC.
RRC will then be able to start handing out fobs to those who have applied for them. Don’t worry if you don’t have a fob, you can still apply for one or just rely on other members of the squads to open up.

Redevelopment and Access Update 1 September

We will be moving back into the original part of the rowing shed next week which is fantastic.
We will be buying new furniture as part of the project so we need a hand on Friday morning to chuck out all the old tables and chairs and any other junk we have in the boathouse and you will get a sneak preview of how good it is. Time to be confirmed.
Once we are in, it is common to find some things don’t work quite properly. If this is the case, DON’T try to fix it. Everything is under warranty and builders’ guarantee and we will lose that if we try to fix things ourselves. If you find something does not work or does not seem right, please just email me on [email protected]. I can then follow up with the architects and builders.
Please wait until you are notified via this blog page before you start accessing the hall area. It’s tempting but it is still a building site until it is formally handed over!
Works this week:
–          Installing the concrete screed and then grass on the deck
–          Finishes to new stair
–          Finishes to paintwork
–          Completion of carpeting
–          Defects inspection and rectification process commences

Access Update – No access this Friday 22 August

Please note that there is no access to  the boathouse this Friday 22 August at any time as there will be cement screed poured inside the building preventing access.
Other than Friday, there will be no changes to access until after Friday 5 September when we hope to be given a provisional Certificate of Occupancy for the original part of the building.
We expect to have complete access to all areas of the new building in late September after the fire service main has been connected. Unfortunately this is reliant on scheduling by SE Water and cannot be brought forward.
The builders expect to complete works in the next 2 weeks and then defect resolution (a standard process) will occur in the week after, leaving us the boathouse ready for our use after 5 September. There is plenty of work still happening – the plywood ceiling in the new gym and classroom, painting, carpeting, finishing the balcony and pergola and general fitting off plus tidying up the external areas.
Thanks for everyone’s patience while the building works are happening. I think everyone will be wow-ed by the boathouse when we regain access.

Redevelopment Update 6 August

Access continues to be restricted – members enter through the RRC bay and up the back stairs and may only access the changerooms. Thanks to everyone for observing the safety requirements of having building works ongoing while we use the building. It remains very important that no-one enters the building site section of the building.
The building is starting to look more like the finished article but there is still lots of work going on inside to get it finished off. The builders are still about 5 days behind schedule meaning that completion will be end of August. However, there are some external works that will be completed after this date as we have to replace the fire service main. This requires road excavation and is expected to be done in late September.
We expect to have power back after 14 August. Please note there will be no power at the boathouse on 13 August while the new power connection is made. Continue reading “Redevelopment Update 6 August”

Redevelopment and access update

We are pleased that we will have access to the changerooms again commencing this Thursday 24 July. The boathouse is still a building site so please note the following arrangements:
– The site will be opened by authorised persons only – Barry and Justin – as this requires access through the building site
– Entry for other members is through the roller doors into the boat bays
– To access the changerooms, go through the boat bay, up the back stairs
– Please leave via the boat bays and the authorised person will lock up
– Please do not attempt to access any other parts of the boathouse. The builder will hoard off and put up notices, but there will be doors that must not be entered by members.
– There may be restrictions on power and hot water. We are confirming these with the builder and will let you know. If so, we will request to continue access to Mercantile changerooms until we have full power and water back.
It is great that we will have the changerooms back ready for our season launch on Sunday morning. We look forward to seeing lots of people down.
MLC commence their rowing program on Thursday afternoon and are expected to be down some afternoons and Saturday mornings.
Works expected in the next 2 weeks:

  • Carpenters will continue framing and plastering
  • Concreter will screen terrace
  • Plumber continuing rough in and external fit offs.
  • Plasterer continuing to hang and stop plaster in both new and old areas.
  • Stair 2 (rear stair) will be open to RRC/MLC as of 24th July. This will provide access to the upstairs change rooms via ex Bay 2. Hoarding will be provided to prevent unauthorised access to the works areas. RRC/MLC should not access the work areas at any time unless under direction supervision of the Builder.
  • Electrician will commence installation of light fittings. New switchboard will be installed
  • Painter will continue painting in the old section.
  • Floor coverings to old section will be completed.
  • Bay 2 will be cleared out to provide safe access for RRC/MLC to the rear.

Access update and help required this Saturday – 12th July 9am

As many of you will be aware we have been working hard to enable those people still wishing to train over the Winter break to have access to the fleet during our redevelopment project.  The builders are making progress and you can see the huge scale of this project now but unfortunately the upstairs of our shed still remains unaccessible and entry is only possible through the boat bay roller doors (which are however new and shiny).
We have been accessing our fleet in the MLC bay while works proceeded however MLC will be returning to rowing next week (Thursday 17th July) and as a result we need to move everything back into our original bay THIS WEEKEND. Unfortunately our hardworking captain has been whisked away to Manilla for work and so I am looking for volunteers to help me do this on Saturday morning, 12th July from 9am. Many hands make light work so I am hopeful it will not take too long.
Whilst Barry is away only Michelle Joy has a key to open up the shed, she alone has been inducted for the worksite and therefore is the only member of RRC with permission to open the boatclub. Currently the shed will be open for those wishing to row on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6am, Saturday’s Winter sculling and Sunday all club training from 8am. Please remember to use the signout book if you are rowing at these times. If you have any questions regarding this arrangement or wish to offer your help on Saturday morning please contact me, [email protected].  Everyone’s help, understanding and patience during this time is really appreciated. We will keep you updated on any changes to this situation as soon as they become available.

Redevelopment Update 25 June

The new boathouse is starting to take shape – standing in the hall it is amazing the difference that removing the old windows has made. The view is going to be even more stunning than before.
Downstairs the front stairs have been removed and we can now see the additional space for boat storage. We still need many more funds to purchase the racking for this area……donate now using the ASF form on this site to make a tax deductible donation
Click through now, complete the form and email or send it to Anthea, our Secretary. Every bit you can donate will help us towards our target $20,000.
A big thanks to the people that have already made donations to help with the racking.
Over the next two weeks we expect the following works to be completed:
Week 1 commencing 23rd June

  • Carpenters will continue framing and plastering
  • Concreter will screen terrace
  • Window installation will commence
  • Plumber will install water tank and internal rough in.
  • Electrician will continue internal rough in.

Week 2

  • Carpenters will complete framing and plastering
  • Window installation will continue
  • Floor coverings to existing building
  • Roofer completes roofing
  • Painting continues