Redevelopment and Access Update 1 September

We will be moving back into the original part of the rowing shed next week which is fantastic.
We will be buying new furniture as part of the project so we need a hand on Friday morning to chuck out all the old tables and chairs and any other junk we have in the boathouse and you will get a sneak preview of how good it is. Time to be confirmed.
Once we are in, it is common to find some things don’t work quite properly. If this is the case, DON’T try to fix it. Everything is under warranty and builders’ guarantee and we will lose that if we try to fix things ourselves. If you find something does not work or does not seem right, please just email me on [email protected]. I can then follow up with the architects and builders.
Please wait until you are notified via this blog page before you start accessing the hall area. It’s tempting but it is still a building site until it is formally handed over!
Works this week:
–          Installing the concrete screed and then grass on the deck
–          Finishes to new stair
–          Finishes to paintwork
–          Completion of carpeting
–          Defects inspection and rectification process commences