Redevelopment and access update

We are pleased that we will have access to the changerooms again commencing this Thursday 24 July. The boathouse is still a building site so please note the following arrangements:
– The site will be opened by authorised persons only – Barry and Justin – as this requires access through the building site
– Entry for other members is through the roller doors into the boat bays
– To access the changerooms, go through the boat bay, up the back stairs
– Please leave via the boat bays and the authorised person will lock up
– Please do not attempt to access any other parts of the boathouse. The builder will hoard off and put up notices, but there will be doors that must not be entered by members.
– There may be restrictions on power and hot water. We are confirming these with the builder and will let you know. If so, we will request to continue access to Mercantile changerooms until we have full power and water back.
It is great that we will have the changerooms back ready for our season launch on Sunday morning. We look forward to seeing lots of people down.
MLC commence their rowing program on Thursday afternoon and are expected to be down some afternoons and Saturday mornings.
Works expected in the next 2 weeks:

  • Carpenters will continue framing and plastering
  • Concreter will screen terrace
  • Plumber continuing rough in and external fit offs.
  • Plasterer continuing to hang and stop plaster in both new and old areas.
  • Stair 2 (rear stair) will be open to RRC/MLC as of 24th July. This will provide access to the upstairs change rooms via ex Bay 2. Hoarding will be provided to prevent unauthorised access to the works areas. RRC/MLC should not access the work areas at any time unless under direction supervision of the Builder.
  • Electrician will commence installation of light fittings. New switchboard will be installed
  • Painter will continue painting in the old section.
  • Floor coverings to old section will be completed.
  • Bay 2 will be cleared out to provide safe access for RRC/MLC to the rear.