New Season – Training changes as of Sunday 27 July

The club’s new training season officially starts this coming Sunday. Please read this post to find out what is happening. As you will have seen from previous posts, the committee and a bunch of volunteers have been working hard to make this coming season a good one for the club in every sense.
We will launch the season plans as part of the AGM this Saturday. Be there for more info. Straight after the AGM, there will be the first coaches meeting for the season to discuss the plans from the coaches’ perspective generally, and to go through the details for the first few weeks.
There will be a few changes from what we’ve been doing up to now, and the new routine should shake you out of winter’s torpor and maybe even a few bad habits.
As of this Sunday, weekly training will be:
Three “club sessions” a week, hitting the water as a club in one squad. The sessions and the on-water times are: Sunday 10am, Tuesday 6am, Thursday 6.30pm. Rowers need to allow sufficient time to change, find their crew members, and get their boat ready to push off by these times.
The club sessions will be coached by a member or members of the club’s coaching group, following a set training programme available to rowers and coaches on a weekly basis beforehand. Rowers should expect to be coached by different people through out the week and the season.
Each Sunday session plan will have a tech focus, being the daylight session. The midweek session plan will take into account the difficulty in coaching effectively from the bank in the dark, and will be the same for both midweek sessions. Repetition breeds improvement!
Rowers are welcome to attend any or all of the club sessions, but should give priority to attending the Sunday session. Rowers can do additional sessions, however this has to be arranged with individual coaches and coxes, and captain’s prior approval for equipment is needed. Club sessions remain the priority for all club resources.
Rowers must sign up in advance to attend each club session. This allows crews and boats to be organised in advance. Signup deadlines will be: Friday 12pm midday for the Sunday; Sunday 6pm for the Tuesday; Wednesday 6pm for the Thursday.
Sign up will be run through where there will be a single combined squad. If you have used mysportsplanner before you will receive an email in the next couple of days to say you have been added to the “RRC” team and you can continue to use your logon to signup for sessions in this new group which will supersede all other groups. We will be creating logins for all new users but if you do not receive an email by the end of the week please let me know, [email protected] or at the AGM.
Once you sign up, if you can’t attend you are responsible for finding a sub, not the coaching group.
A warning about this Sunday!! “Run Melbourne” is also being held and it will significantly hamper access to the sheds. You should expect to find it very difficult to get to the sheds, even on foot. Plan to allow much more time to get there, and please be changed and ready to be allocated for boats by 9:45am, as there will be some additional organisation required before we can be ready to row at 10am.
See you all there,
The RRC coaching team