Access, Security and other Boathouse Information

Not surprisingly, we have been getting some questions about how our new boathouse operates so here is some information to help everyone along. It is not complete as we are yet to have handover of some functions / items in the building. When we do have all the handover complete, we will organise a time to walk members through the building so you get to know first-hand how to operate certain things.
Members can apply for access fobs using the form contained in the access policy on the website. Member fobs give you access into the boathouse through the rear door and also the downstairs front door. They also provide access to the gym and the hall areas inside the boathouse.
When you are down for training or any other everyday matter, please use the rear stairs to access the first floor. This will help us reduce wear and tear on the carpeted hall area and ensure that you do not mistakenly walk into a private function in the hall!
Therefore member fobs do not open the door at the top of the front stairs – think of the front door and stairs now as the ‘function’ entry to the boathouse and the rear door and stairs as the rowing and training entry to the building. For those who have been members for a few years you will recall that this was the arrangement for many years. It helps us keep the front entry stairs and the hall clean.

You can access the terrace at any time through the sliding doors in the hall. They are just snibbed shut. Simply slide the snib down (or up) and slide the door open.
Please ensure that if you are the last person in from the terrace that you shut and snib lock ALL the doors that have been opened on the terrace. We are very conscious that this is our major security risk and we ask all members to be vigilant.
Your fob gives you access to the gym where we now have the gym equipment permanently set up and also the members’ kitchen area. Isn’t it great to now have a dedicated gym space and not have to reorganise ergos all the time?
For those wanting a view while they erg, you may open the wall between the gym and the classroom if no-one is using the classroom at the time. Instructions for wall operation are to come. You may also wheel your ergo into the classroom space, but you MUST return it to its place in the gym at the end of your session.
You may also wheel your ergo out onto the terrace. But you MUST return your ergo to the gym at the end of your session.
Please keep it clean and tidy. There are cups, bowls and plates in the cupboards above the sink. There is washing up stuff in the cupboard under the sink and tea towels in the draws if there is not one out. There is also a bin in the cupboards under the sink.
If you notice food going off in the fridge, please throw it out.
If a bin is full or smelly, please empty it into the Speedie Waste dumpster that is out the back of the boathouse. We don’t have a single person responsible for doing this so it would be great if everyone did it when they notice it needs to be done.
Often there are extra bin liners in the bottom of the bin. If so, please put it on for the next person to use. If not, please check in the kitchen draws for a bin liner. Many thanks for everyone’s help with this.
We are trying to keep the hall looking great for functions. We now have five preferred caterers that are all busy trying to sell functions at the boathouse. This is great news – function revenue directly supports your membership of the club by keeping your fees down and enabling us to buy more equipment including boats or fund expensive capital works like re-fitting the racking in the boat bay.
Please do not leave equipment or personal belongings lying around the hall or terrace as the caterers may be showing clients around at any time.
Members may access the classroom if there is no other group using that space by accessing it through the wall between the gym and classroom. MLC have priority for use of the classroom space so if they come in while you are using it, please leave the classroom for them to use.
Members have no access to the office, it is for MLC and specified RRC committee members only.
In the past, our biggest security risk was someone entering the boathouse while the roller doors were open and crews were on the water. This remains a risk.
We had to remove security codes from the boathouse doors into the rear stairs because this is not compliant with fire safety requirements. So it is really important that when you go downstairs for training, the following doors are properly shut:

  1. Changeroom doors (I know the codes can be annoying, but they are protecting your personal possessions)
  2. Gym, classroom and hall doors into the corridor
  3. Front and rear entry doors

This is everyone’s responsibility – if you see a door open as you go down to training, please shut it. Don’t assume someone else will do it.
We are concerned about security now we have our fabulous new boathouse. The biggest risk is probably the terrace. Please ensure that if you are the last person to walk in from the terrace you lock all the doors then, don’t leave them on the assumption someone else may want to go onto the terrace – they can open the door again if they do.
If you are the last person to leave the boathouse, you are responsible for making sure the building is secure. Please walk round and check:

  1. All terrace doors are shut and snibbed
  2. All doors accessing the hall are shut (top of stairs, kitchen, bar, classroom and as you leave, the doors to the corridor)
  3. Classroom and gym doors are shut
  4. Roller doors are shut
  5. Boat bay doors are all shut (front sliding door, rear bay door and MLC bay door)
  6. Front and rear entry doors are shut

I know it is a lot to check, but we need to ensure that we are securing the boathouse properly.
Most lights that we use are still on switches. However, the corridor, gym and classroom are now on sensors. There is no need to try to switch these lights on or off – they will do so automatically. Also external lights are now on sensors, so again no need to switch on or off.
All other lights need to be switched OFF when you leave an area to help reduce our power bills. In particular those leaving the boathouse last at the end of a session need to ensure all switched lights are off (hall, terrace, changerooms, rear stairs, boat bays). Please note that we appear to have 2 lights permanently on in the RRC boat bays – we are following this up with the builder.
This is not yet handed over so please don’t try to use it. Just open the doors and turn on the fans!
This is not yet handed over so please don’t use it yet!
That is an incredibly long list of things. Over the next few weeks we will endeavour to get appropriate signs up at the boathouse as well to give you more information and we will also organise a member walkthrough when we have everything handed over. Please bear with us – the building works were an incredible amount of work for a club like ours and getting the boathouse fully operational continues to be a focus of committee. If you have time to help – please offer!