2022 Wendouree Ballarat regatta

6/2/2022 Sunday saw some classic Wendouree conditions, wind like a hammer coming out of the reeds giving way to comically glassy water in the arvo.

26 athletes rowing 23 events, 7 firsts, 4 second, 2 third place finishes.

FClub4x M. Joy, K. Doggett, K. Dyball, Z. Maxwell 7:50.89

FClub2x Z. Maxwell, K. Dyball 8:13.74

FB4x+ C. Crouser, G. Goss, K. Fergie, H. Pearce, S. Houghton 3:55.93
MB8+ P. Oborin, D. Beck, J. Roberts, J. Hellerstedt, J. Carey, M. Gehling, I. Balemi, A. Randall, D. Begg 3:11.33
FM4x+ K. Doggett, K. Dyball, Z. Maxwell, M. Joy, D. Hill 4:09.72
FB2x K. Fergie, H. Pearce 4:00.81
X4x+ C. Crouser, J. Carey, W. Golding, G. Goss, D. Begg 3:44.10
FA2x Z. Maxwell, K. Dyball 3:45.36

MB8+ W. Golding, L. Mckee, A. Pupko, T. Gruner, R. Healy, A. Reid, K. Wong, K. Begelhole, C.Crouser 3:32.24
MC4x+ A. Randall, L. Mckee, A. Pupko, R. Healy, K. Howard 3:57.02
FM4x- G. Goss, E. Harridge, M. Rice, M. Madar 4:02.54

MA4x+ P. Oborin, J. Hellerstedt, M. Gehling, D. Beck, D. Begg 3:43.71
Fb2x A. Kinsman, L. Innes-Irons 4:09.35

Thanks to Sue-Virginia for driving up and holding down the RRC BRO, and the course map pictures from inside the BRO nerve centre.

Kim B for the surprise trip to Footscray to park the trailer, the drive everyone wants to do late Sunday night after a long day of racing.

Unloaded & re-sectioned the two eights in 90 minutes.