2022 Masters State Championships Nagambie

RRC big guns were out in force for masters states 7/5 in Nagambie, with nine athletes pulling in 3 first, 7 second, and 2 third place finishes across a variety of composite and all yellow and black crews, with Gerry managing an eight-medal haul for this weekend.

Thanks to Kirsty for BROing, and Chris & Leigh for trailering.


FME4x- M.Joy [RCHMD], G.Goss [RCHMD], K.Lloyd [BCRC], P.Whiting [MUBC]
FMEK4+ G.Goss [RCHMD], K.Lloyd [BCRC], K.Patten [POWR], F.Spriggs [POWR], Cox: L.Letic [APSM]
FMEK8+ S.Gould [MELB], A.Parbury [MUBC], J.Bant [MUBC], L.Phillips [MELB], P.Whiting [MUBC], L.Broad [BRC], G.Goss [RCHMD], K.Lloyd [BCRC], Cox: E.Plowright [MELB]

MixMGK2x T.Bishop [QBC], G.Goss [RCHMD]
MMGK4+ D.Wilson [BANKS], J.Mitchell [BANKS], P.Anderson [BANKS], R.Dennis [RCHMD], Cox: C.Lawrence [BANKS]
FMAB4+ C.Crouser, K.Fergie, M.Joy, K.Doggett, Cox: C.Lawrence
FMD2x G.Goss, H.Pearce
FMAD8+ B.Klein-van Mullekom [MELB], K.Lloyd [BCRC], G.Goss [RCHMD], R.Gribble [WENDB], K.Patten [POWR], L.Skidmore [YARRA], A.Rukuwai [MELB], S.Hayward [CARM], Cox: C.Lawrence [BANKS], Coach: J.Walker
FMAB4x- K.Doggett, Z.Maxwell, M.Joy, K.Dyball
FME2x C.Carr [YARRA], G.Goss [RCHMD]

FMAD8+ J.Fischmann [CARM], C.Crouser [RCHMD], K.Doggett [RCHMD], C.Carr [YARRA], S.Waters [BCRC], C.Plowman [CARM], J.Deeble [CARM], K.James [CARM], Cox: J.Cuddy [CARM]
FMC4x- K.Doggett, G.Goss, M.Joy, K.Dyball

2022 Albert Park masters regatta

2022 Albert Park masters regatta group photo

Heavy rain the night before led to a sunny, about as wind-free day as you’re going to get on Albert Park Lake (sailboats were still out).

Anthea was competing on two planes this sunny Saturday- “… so I demoralized them and took advantage of them. It’s good to have lots of rowing friends and enjoy good banter with, and keep ahead of them on the course occasionally. “

Everyone from RRC was a winner today, with notable first medals for Cynthia Masters & Sarah Hardy, as well as for our distinctly not-masters age Ini from the coxswain seat!

Thanks to Barry & the Sullivans for getting the trailer to and from the lake, and particularly Helen, Kirstie, Tim, Dennis, Christine, Leigh for loading in the rain the night before.


XM4x+ C.Masters, L.Sullivan, P.Munson, A.Amos, Cox: Y.Lai
MM4x+ J.Hellerstedt, P.Oborin, J.Carey, D.Beck, Cox: D.Begg
XM2x H.Pearce, T.Evans
FM4x+ C.Sullivan, S.Hardy, K.Fergie, S.Mullner, Cox: Y.Lai

MM4x+ S.Cross [WDRC], P.Munson [RCHMD], T.Evans [RCHMD], L.Sullivan [RCHMD], Cox: C.Sullivan [RCHMD]
MM2x P.Oborin, J.Hellerstedt
FM2x H.Pearce, K.Fergie
XM4x+ C.Masters, J.Carey, D.Beck, A.Amos, Cox: C.Sullivan
FM4x+ C.Sullivan, S.Hardy, H.Pearce, S.Mullner, Cox: Y.Lai
MM4x- P.Oborin, J.Hellerstedt, J.Carey, D.Beck

2022 Ballarat Masters Regatta

The women’s masters train runs express through the covid interruption stop, with Michelle stepping in at the last minute to join Gerry to smash out some strong results the weekend of 23/4/22.

FM8+ K.Patten [POWR], K.Lloyd [BCRC], G.Goss [RCHMD], S.Hayward [CARM], E.Harridge [POWR], L.Skidmore [YARRA], C.Carr [YARRA], R.Gribble [WENDB], Cox: C.Lawrence [BANKS] 3:51.23

FM4+ G.Goss [RCHMD], K.Lloyd [BCRC], C.Carr [YARRA], L.Skidmore [YARRA], Cox: C.Lawrence [BANKS] 4:30.38
FM2x G.Goss, M.Joy 4:37.46

FM8+ M.Madar [BARW], M.Rice [BARW], J.Lambert [YARRA], M.Joy [RCHMD], C.Plowman [CARM], J.Deeble [CARM], C.Boatman [WENDB], K.James [CARM], Cox: J.Norton [BCRC] 4:04.81
FM4+ G.Goss [RCHMD], J.Lambert [YARRA], M.Madar [BARW], M.Joy [RCHMD], Cox: J.Norton [BCRC] 4:24.32

2022 Geelong Masters Regatta

6 first, 3 second, 5 third place entries from 16 entries


XM4x+ M.Joy, E.Miles, P.Munson, A.Randall, Cox: K.Dyball 3:24.47
MM4+ D.Wilson [BANKS], J.Mitchell [BANKS], P.Anderson [BANKS], R.Dennis [RCHMD], Cox: C.Lawrence [BANKS] 5:31.77
FM4x+ H.Doherty-McMillan, W.Emptage, S.Mullner, E.Miles, Cox: C.Crouser 4:54.66
FM2x G.Goss, H.Pearce 4:22.55
MM4+ D.Wilson [BANKS], J.Mitchell [BANKS], P.Anderson [BANKS], R.Dennis [RCHMD], Cox: C.Lawrence [BANKS] 5:12.71
FM4x- J.Bant [MUBC], P.Whiting [MUBC], L.Phillips [MELB], G.Goss [RCHMD] 4:26.79
FM4+ C.Crouser, H.Pearce, D.Hill, G.Goss, Cox: M.Joy 4:42.86
MM4x+ R.Healy, P.Munson, J.Roberts, A.Randall, Cox: W.Emptage 4:11.93
FM4x- C.Crouser, W.Emptage, H.Pearce, D.Hill 4:43.76
XM4x+ J.Roberts, R.Healy, S.Mullner, A.Amos, Cox: W.Emptage 3:42.35
XM2x G.Goss, R.Healy ntt
FM8+ V.Dowell [MELB], J.Williams [MELB], R.McIntyre [MELB], J.Hall [YARRA], V.Mohr [MELB], C.Howgate [MELB], L.Partridge [MELB], K.Morrison [MELB], Cox: A.Amos [RCHMD] 5:03.47
FM4x+ H.Doherty-McMillan, M.Joy, S.Mullner, E.Miles, Cox: D.Henry 5:07.32
XM4x- C.Crouser, P.Munson, A.Randall, M.Joy 4:17.75

Congratulations to Hannah Doherty-McMillan who competed in her first regatta, and thanks to Sue-Virginia for BROing, as well as Phil Munson for towing the trailer.

2022 Footscray Saltwater Regatta

7 first, 5 second, 1 third, from 19 entries


MM4x+ J.Carey, J.Roberts, R.Healy, K.Begelhole, Cox: C.Sullivan
MM4x- P.Oborin, J.Hellerstedt, M.Gehling, D.Beck
FB4x+ L.Innes-Irons, H.Pearce, C.Crouser, G.Goss, Cox: S.Houghton
MB2x B.Wardle, I.Balemi
MC2- B.Wardle, I.Balemi
FB2x G.Goss, H.Pearce
MC2x B.Wardle, I.Balemi
MB8+ P.Oborin, J.Hellerstedt, J.Roberts, M.Gehling, I.Balemi, B.Wardle, J.Carey, D.Beck cox: S.Houghton
FM4x+ C.Sullivan, P.Burgess, C.Masters, S.Timmins, Cox: S.Houghton
FB2x L.Innes-Irons, C.Crouser
MB4x+ P.Oborin, J.Hellerstedt, M.Gehling, D.Beck, Cox: C.Sullivan
X8+ C.Crouser, L.Innes-Irons, J.Carey, R.Skelton, R.Healy, J.Roberts, H.Pearce, G.Goss, Cox: S.Houghton
FC4x+ S.Timmins, P.Burgess, C.Masters, W.Emptage, Cox: C.Sullivan

Couldn’t have asked for a better day to race out west- with both snags in bread & hot dogs in a bun on offer at the fabulous Footscray City balcony bbq.

It was well and truly a regatta dog summit, glad to see Nyxie & Basil hitting it off.

1430 MB4x+ heat was hard rowing but stayed out front of the Essendon crew to get into the final.  Essendon’s A boat in the other heat looking extremely handy, and in fact pulled away by a boat length in the final, on their way to nationals next weekend.

Some notables were Cynthia’s first regatta for Richmond, and Ben & Isaac with the small boat sweep.

Thanks to Captain Kim B for the early morning and heaps of towing the trailer through traffic, and Leigh Sullivan for BROing in the morning.

2022 State Championships: Ballarat

We sent 32 athletes rowing in 21 events achieving 7 first, 3 second, and 2 third place finishes.


FO2x/ K. Dyball, M. Joy 8:15.45
FClub4x/ Z. Maxwell, K. Doggett, M. Joy, K. Dyball 7:57.52
MC8+/ K.Wong, L.Mckee, A.Pupko, T.Gruner, R.Healy, A.Reid, C.Moechyi, R.Skelton, Cox: P.Tran 3:38.89
FB4x+/ C.Crouser, K.Fergie, H.Pearce, G.Goss, Cox: M.Joy 4:11.96
FC2x/ J.Huang, W.Emptage 4:41.41
MB8+/ P.Oborin, J.Hellerstedt, J.Roberts, M.Gehling, I.Balemi, B.Wardle, J.Carey, A.Randall, Cox: D.Begg 3:28.11
FA4x+/ Z.Maxwell, K.Doggett, M.Joy, K.Dyball, Cox: C.Crouser 4:05.14

MB4+/ J.Roberts, A.Randall, J.Carey, D.Beck, Cox: D.Begg 3:59.87
MC4x+/ R.Skelton, L.Mckee, A.Pupko, R.Healy, Cox: K.Howard 4:16.18
FC1x/ J. Huang 4:30.7

MC1x/ K. Wong 4:52.14
FB2x/ H. Pearce, K. Fergie 4:31.04

Thanks for Captain Kim’s calm management of the trailer loading & towing, as well as Amy C.’s BROing on Sunday & intimidatingly fresh ‘gram game at the finish line.

Some thoughts from Sunday:

Cold, windy, constant threat of rain

Arrive to find out they’ve already cancelled the master’s qualifying races, conditions on the lake that make you want to get back in the car and drive home.

Get the boats down nevertheless.

9am/ 1050am
MB2x was a smart row in the heat but couldn’t put it together in the final.

The feeling of trailer inadequacy when walking by the six burner dedicated flattop camp kitchen pumping out eggs&bacon. Vow to investigate turning the RRC trailer into a lifestyle road train.

Decent dirty burger from the caravan but not enough colour on the chips.

MC8+ set the stage by nearly getting open water on Hawthorn with a decisive 7s victory.

MB8+ rowed like it trained. Perfect heterogeneous mix of nervous energy and calm execution of familiar patterns. Fast, brutal start to stay with the schoolboys and then hold on and lay down power to pull away and keep pulling away for a first by five seconds over Gippsland Grammar.

Quick turnaround to the MB4x+ heat, staying smart and third in the cluster to get into what was looking to be an extremely fast final.

No one coming off the water in small boats had anything fun to report, and tents were starting to turn into tumbleweeds.

The ominous “racing paused for 30 minutes” followed through with the cancellation of the remainder of the regatta.

Decent amount of podium potential unrowed for Richmond.

1900 boats washed and back in the shed in 69 minutes. JH, PO, GG, KD, MJ, KB, IB, JC, AH

2022 Henley Regatta

It was a perfect day to amble down to the shed for some hard-fought racing at this year’s Henley on the Yarra.

It was truly a team effort, with the first Richmond eight forcing Yarra Yarra down the course with a 2.3s margin so the second eight could fend them off to get to the final with a comfortable 6s margin.

Haileybury had more in the tank coming under Swan street, staying ahead to win the MB8+ final by 2s.

With 22 entries in the MB4x+, it was a time trial mental game for the two RRC crews with 5th and 7th place finishes, missing that that 4th place cutoff into the semi’s by an aching 0.35 seconds.

Our crews on the day:
A.Randall, W.Golding, B.Wardle, I.Balemi, M.Gehling, J.Roberts, J.Hellerstedt, P.Oborin, Cox: D.Begg
K.Wong, L.Mckee, A.Pupko, T.Gruner, R.Healy, R.Skelton, C.Moechyi, D.Beck, Cox: K.Howard
P.Oborin, J.Hellerstedt, M.Gehling, D.Beck, Cox: D.Begg
A.Pupko, T.Gruner, I.Balemi, B.Wardle, Cox: K.Howard

Ray Dennis broke new ground in his Banks/RRC composite K-grade eight averaging 84.4 years winning the MM8+ by a healthy 9.8s margin.

Particular thanks to Alex Kinsman for volunteering to support the regatta event on behalf of RRC.

2022 Nagambie Regatta

Nagambie was hot, dusty & sunny, with a peak temperature of 34 on the day, reinforced by the interminably long lunch break before the last gasp of racing Sunday arvo.

So glad to see the homemade brownies & relish at the Ezy Oar cafe, with burgers clearly the crowd favourite being completely sold out by 1pm.

We sent 32 athletes to row 22 events, with 8 first, 5 second, and 3 third place finishes.

FClub2x/ M. Joy, K. Dyball 8:09.79
FClub4x/ K. Dyball, M. Joy, Z. Maxwell, K. Doggett 7:37.47
FA8+/ K.Fergie, H.Pearce, D.Hill, L.Innes-Irons, C.Crouser, K.Doggett, Z.Maxwell, K.Dyball, Cox: C.Sullivan 4:04.28
FB4x+/ G.Goss, K.Fergie, H.Pearce, C.Crouser, Cox: M.Joy 3:51.12
MBeg4x+/ B.Wardle, I.Balemi, T.Gruner, C.Moechyi, Cox: W.Golding 3:55.85
FM4x-/ M.Joy, K.Dyball, Z.Maxwell, K.Doggett 3:43.62
MB4x+/ D.Beck, M.Gehling, J.Hellerstedt, P.Oborin, Cox: D.Begg 3:59.42
FA2x/ K.Dyball, Z.Maxwell 4:11.27

MC8+/ K.Wong, D.Beck, A.Pupko, T.Gruner, R.Healy, A.Reid, C.Moechyi, L.Mckee, Cox: K.Howard 3:29.74
MB8+/ A.Randall, B.Wardle, I.Balemi, J.Hellerstedt, J.Carey, J.Roberts, M.Gehling, P.Oborin, Cox: D.Begg 3:15
FM4x+/ C.Crouser, H.Pearce, K.Fergie, G.Goss, Cox: J.Hellerstedt 4:02.8
FA2x/ K. Fergie, H. Pearce 4:17.97
X8+/ M.Joy, G.Goss, B.Wardle, I.Balemi, R.Healy, R.Skelton, W.Emptage, J.Huang, Cox: C.Sullivan 3:50.22

MB2x/ J. Hellerstedt, P. Oborin ntt
FB2x/ L. Innes-Irons, D. Hill 4:14.02
X4x+/ W.Golding, J.Carey, H.Pearce, C.Crouser, Cox: D.Begg 3:50.5

This was the inaugural racing (rowing!) in the newly acquired Kathy Macrow 4/x+, thanks to Lily I-I for the emergency field christening prosecco.

Race of the regatta?

Men’s B quad a candidate, battle paddling Barwon inside of 2 metres all the way down the course. Barwon were quite annoyed to be beaten by a canvas by not only RRC in first but a ‘fast finishing’ 14yo crew from Gippsland Grammar in second, looking at RRC the other side of the line with a “how old do you think we are?”: unclear who envied whom for what while coughing up a lung at the finish line. Look out States!!

Thanks Alex Reid for stepping up to BRO in the afternoon.

Barry closed his eyes and compass navigated the trailer on backroads back to the shed. Unloaded before 1945.

2022 Wendouree Ballarat regatta

6/2/2022 Sunday saw some classic Wendouree conditions, wind like a hammer coming out of the reeds giving way to comically glassy water in the arvo.

26 athletes rowing 23 events, 7 firsts, 4 second, 2 third place finishes.

FClub4x M. Joy, K. Doggett, K. Dyball, Z. Maxwell 7:50.89

FClub2x Z. Maxwell, K. Dyball 8:13.74

FB4x+ C. Crouser, G. Goss, K. Fergie, H. Pearce, S. Houghton 3:55.93
MB8+ P. Oborin, D. Beck, J. Roberts, J. Hellerstedt, J. Carey, M. Gehling, I. Balemi, A. Randall, D. Begg 3:11.33
FM4x+ K. Doggett, K. Dyball, Z. Maxwell, M. Joy, D. Hill 4:09.72
FB2x K. Fergie, H. Pearce 4:00.81
X4x+ C. Crouser, J. Carey, W. Golding, G. Goss, D. Begg 3:44.10
FA2x Z. Maxwell, K. Dyball 3:45.36

MB8+ W. Golding, L. Mckee, A. Pupko, T. Gruner, R. Healy, A. Reid, K. Wong, K. Begelhole, C.Crouser 3:32.24
MC4x+ A. Randall, L. Mckee, A. Pupko, R. Healy, K. Howard 3:57.02
FM4x- G. Goss, E. Harridge, M. Rice, M. Madar 4:02.54

MA4x+ P. Oborin, J. Hellerstedt, M. Gehling, D. Beck, D. Begg 3:43.71
Fb2x A. Kinsman, L. Innes-Irons 4:09.35

Thanks to Sue-Virginia for driving up and holding down the RRC BRO, and the course map pictures from inside the BRO nerve centre.

Kim B for the surprise trip to Footscray to park the trailer, the drive everyone wants to do late Sunday night after a long day of racing.

Unloaded & re-sectioned the two eights in 90 minutes.

2022 Rutherglen regatta

We sent a tight contingent of 14 athletes to the 156th annual Rutherglen regatta on Lake Moodemere. Great to be back up to the border after being locked away behind the ring of steel for so long.

The lamb shanks were the clear winner on Friday at the Telegraph Hotel Chiltern, and it was great to see Caffeine n Machine slinging ‘spro before 630am on the Sunday for the sunrise racing!

With spectacularly intense thunderstorms late Friday night, we were glad to see our late arriving rowers make the drive up safely. Over the weekend the lake was absolutely full, and it was a far cry from the dust bowl of yesteryear, with persistent mud at the trailers showing no sign of drying out at the end of the weekend despite the 30+ peak temperatures each day.

Alex Huang and Wan-ling Emptage heading out for their doubles race Saturday


We amassed 7 first, 4 second, 8 third place finishes with that Rutherglen famous lack of repêchage.

Saturday 800m results

first place
MC1x / Michael Gehling
MC4x+ / Hellerstedt, Gehling, Wardle, Beck, cox: Emptage
FM4x+ / Dudczig, Fergie, Pearce, Goss, cox: Huang
FM2x / Fergie, Pearce

MC8+ / Begelhole, Hellerstedt, Reid, Pupko, Gehling, Wardle, Randall, Beck, cox: Dudczig
FM4+ / Richardson (Ess), Fergie, Pearce, Goss, cox: Emptage

FM1x / Gerry Goss
MM8+ (of 3) / Begelhole, Gordon, Reid, Hellerstedt, Mansfield (Yarawonga), Randall, Beck, cox: Dudczig
FM2x / Dudczig, Goss

Sunday 500m results

FM4x+ / Dudczig, Fergie, Pearce, Goss, cox: Hellerstedt
FM2x / Goss, Dudczig & Fergie, Pearce

MC1x / Hellerstedt
MC4x+ DQ / Hellerstedt, Gehling, Wardle, Beck, cox: Huang

MC8+ / Begelhole, Hellerstedt, Reid, Pupko, Gehling, Wardle, Randall, Beck, cox: Dudczig
FC2x / Emptage, Huang
FC1x / Alex Huang
X4x+ / Pearce, Gehling, Pupko, Fergie, cox: Hellerstedt
MB4x+ / Hellerstedt, Pupko, Wardle, Beck, cox: Emptage

the men’s eight

Big thanks to Stef Dudczig, Wan-ling Emptage & Alex Huang for the lionshare of box-free coxing! Jack Hellerstedt for some Sunday finals, and Benton Goodbrand of Argonauts, as well as friends at Essendon & Footscray RC for getting our crews down the course and around the bend.

Michael Gehling was the Richmond BRO of the regatta

Boat unloading was poetry in motion, done and dusted in 59m50s