Rowing this Week

The GPS has been tried and tested and I am pleased to say that the quad of gorgeousness has been tagged the quad of awesomeness as a result of the numbers the GPS spat out for at least 100 metres of Tuesday morning’s session.
We will continue to experiment with the gadget tomorrow during our morning row…should be fun.
Tomorrow we will do two long laps in the eight and two short laps in the smaller boats and Saturday we will add an additional lap for a bit of variation.
This week we will be doing a bit of square blade work in various part crew combinations to emphasise the release, posture, length of the back (from the tap down to the time the knees ‘pop-up’) and hand heights during the recovery sequence.
Essential that we get this part of the stroke right as it provides the platform for the length and steadiness that we require to set the boat up for an accurate catch and ultimately effective leg drive.
We will also throw in some low rating power work to give the new gadget something to do and Elaine some numbers to provide you feedback on.
Have a good day and we will see you bright and early tomorrow….Simon C