Gray Matters – Life and times of a hard core cask wine ergo chick

Good Afternoon Rowers,
Winter Update, is now at 14 days to go, still a while, I mean the Cuban Missile Crisis was only 14 days and enough happened in that time to bore us all silly in History classes for the next few decades. 14 days is also a moive!! Albeit not a very famous movie, it stars the infamous Patricia Wolf, who google images tells me could look like this   or maybe like this   or possible slightly older and look like this  so keep an eye out for her whichever one she might be in B grade movies in the future. It seems it’s a move about a boy band in their hey day and scores 3 stars out of 10, I’d tell you exactly how Patricia fits in to this plot but by the way my computer keeps aborting the action it may not be family viewing.
Needless to say, $14 is a pretty average bottle of wine (yes there are exceptions and this is coming from the person who has drunk more than their entire bodyweight in cask wine over the years) and 14 donuts is possible, 14 slices of pizza a maybe, just not 14 pizzas. So the number definitely getting more manageable, especially with the fine forecast for the next 3 days.
OK, time to start nagging for the August ergo’s. The B team again pulled commendable erg scores, their average propped up by their stroke with piston like legs once more and are now experimenting with pasta / music / steroid combinations as they prepare to pull their next erg so hard that the machine winds up on the tan track tripping up Kew mothers, Labradors and hot triathletes.
Reports in state that people erging consistently are improving on water and in their 10 min monthly ergos. So if you’re not erging and are constantly getting over the loud speak “3 seat blah blah” or yelled from the cox “harder on (coincidently) your side” or possible from a slightly curious Joe “why is your oar not going at the same time as the other oars”. Then get going. The Boss is not so ivory tower not to recognize that JLs ergos are very very very challenging (but good for you). Last week said senior manager was spotted bailing after 8 out of 15 intervals, like an energizer bunny she was clearly powered by music; her excuse was her ipod ran out of power.
Saltwater regatta, Saturday Sept 13th. It’s a 4.5 km twisty course in quads, let the boss know if you would like enter a crew by this Saturday August 22! So far we have 5 crews(2 mixed and 3 girls) crews expressing interest. But no guys without chaperones (soft)!
Time Trials
Shame we weren’t all ducks yesterday, or snails, frogs or tulip bulbs, just plain old rowers getting rained on. Not ideal, but saves you washing your hair this week. Well done on the time trials for two 8s and three 4s.  The DS are particularly hard core, because they went out first in the worst weather and in 4s (rather than 8s) and after a narrow brush with saturation managed to prepare a fantastic rowers breakfast which included fruit, yogurt and muesli.
Let’s Camp
CAMP please sign up by this Friday Aug 21! Follow this link
Katie Gray
PANS (PA to Nicole Studka, previously PA to JK until she was transferred to the Darwin Oar Rowing Society and now champions the DORC’s up there)