Tab rockets to $18

Just when we thought that funds would be a bit lean for the Bairnsdale Camp, enter the two favourites Kevin and Martin who have racked up a couple more frequent sleeper points to increase the tab to $18.
Unfortunately the GPS didn’t get a work out this morning as it spent most of its time in Mike’s jacket pocket resting from being overworked by the glamour quad on Tuesday.
I will look at setting it up in the boat (it has a mount) so the cox can read it without having to wear it (or find it in their jacket pocket) or alternatively we can attach a line and a hook to it and throw it out the back and see if one of those pesky Dolphins will take a fancy it to while we are doing X km/h down the river.
Despite the bit of rain, both the four and the eight showed plenty of good form on the water this morning and we even managed a few comments from other coaches along the bank….
Other Coach: ”They are looking alright, what are they training for?”
Simon C: “Dimmy”
Other Coach: YFI type look followed by “Oh”
Just a reminder that we need to make sure we are at the club 15 minutes prior to push off so we are on the water pushing off for 0630. Today there were only four people at the club at 0615 and as a result we didn’t get going until 0650 which cuts into the amount of time we can spend on the water.
Finally…Welcome into the fold Jono, good to have you on board and great to see that you had to accept a lolly from Vickers during your first session at RFC…awesome.
Simon C