Gray Matters and tips on how to preserve a hair do

Hi Rowers, Sorry for the late email.
Nicole and her boat had an RDO yesterday (well so she says but as she just wandered in blue with cold I’m thinking the winds may have blown her FAR upstream and it’s taken her 27 hours to get back) so after a morning of obediently painting paperclips black and yellow yesterday I took advantage of the situation and disappeared to Rowbust to coordinate my sock, croc, undie and zootie combinations in the latest spring colours.
So we now have 6 days left of winter. So that means that every night this week you need to eat soup, followed by a roast (with Yorkshire puddings if you know what they are) followed by hot pudding (chocolate or sticky date up to you), put your electric blanket on and wear your slippers, and under no circumstances do your legs.
6 days (and 7 nights) is also a movie! Remember that totally unbelievable romance with Anne Hesche from when she only had eyes for Ellen and Harrison Ford looking like he was about 80 lost in a jungle, talk about lack of chemistry, I think if they had been lost in the jungle they would have been more likely to turn each others into canoes than to kiss.
The B team were let down by their hair last week, pouring rain and work meetings and that fact that we didn’t bring swim caps or have shaved heads has ruined our reputation in Simon’s eyes as we departed for an early season strategy meeting for country regattas and resumed our debate of parma or lasagne the night before a big race (over coffee to invigorate our thought processes) after deciding we wouldn’t be able to pull an erg under 4.99 before 7am. To regain lost ground we’ll be meting at 3am to erg before heading out at 4 on Thursday morning doing a few laps of the island, bringing the boat in for some rack time at about 6.15 and heading out again after that.
What do Rowers and Michael Jackson have in Common?

  • Glove / s
  • Siblings
  • Medallions
  • Split second timing
  • Parents
  • Not being the lover of Billie Jean
  • We’re black and yellow he’s black and white
  • Michael had some erg (some say lawn mower starting) inspired dance moves
  • We all like / liked to party.

Bring your moves along on the 11th of September and dress up. This is code for a party at RRC on Friday 11th September…more details to come. 
Time Trials Goss Statistical reports just through from our department analyst which have just arrived on my desk highlight the fact that it’s highly likely the women’s team can open their own jars, as the women’s 8 was only 10 seconds (or about 3 boat lengths) behind the men’s 8.
Such were the lovely weather conditions that one (are they soft?) crew abandoned the race before the island. JL (MNB) decided to swap seats mid race without warning or notifying his buddy in his ‘new’ seat and a number of crews fall well behind their best times.
This is good news, as unless there’s a Tsunami we should be able to beat these times next time.
Ergo’s Ok, 6 days left of August, better get that August ergo in, see if you can make it to the shrine.
Regatta Saltwater regatta, Saturday Sept 13th. It’s a 4.5 km twisty course in quads.
The men’s eight is busy training for a shot at taking out this years sprint title at the world famous annual Dimboola Regatta.
Katie Gray
PANS (PA to Nicole Studka, previously PA to JK until she was transferred to the Darwin Oar Rowing Society and now champions the DORC’s up there)