The Thursday after a bad sporting weekend

For the diehard Australian sports fan there is not much to write about but plenty to groan about following one of our worst weekends in our recent sporting history.
Not only did we lose the urn to the Poms, but we lost the rugby to the All Blacks by a solitary point and Collingwood has firmed as equal favourites for this year’s flag.
Not since 1996 Atlanta Olympics when the Australian Olympic team appeared at the opening ceremony in green tunics and cream trousers have we, the sporting public of Australia, been faced with such a national sporting crisis.
But wait, don’t go burning the boxing kangaroo flag yet, there maybe light at the end of the tunnel.
Flicking through Monday’s sport section of the Age, past the cricket, football, soccer, rugby, racing, tennis, golf and badminton, I at last find something to cheer about. GOLD in the discus and pole vault and BRONZE in the 4 x 100 metres relay and long jump at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin….Our new national sport have arrived, when was the last time the Poms won the discus and the pole vault at a world champs….take that England!
This lads (to use an English term) is the type of mind set we need to take into the row on Thursday. The weather man has predicted yet another harsh start to the day with more gale force winds to add to an already impressive number of wind affected days we have experienced in the past few weeks.
Needless to say we will be doing some work on the leg drive, not necessarily by choice but from necessity if we are to get any sort of boat speed into the wind.
No session plans to post other than we are going to need to be patient, focused and working as a group if we are going to extract value out of rows in these types of conditions.
See you all Thursday. Simon