2023 Victoria Masters Championships Regatta

Unfortunately this regatta had a very inauspicious start, as Rowing Victoria abruptly decided to condense the 2 day regatta into just 1 day of racing on the Saturday. This resulted in chaos and confusion with crews, boats and accommodation all to be reshuffled accordingly. Masters Regattas are already challenging logistically, thanks to the extra layer of complexity with age categories. So the last minute decision by RV only added to the workload.
Massive thank you to Will Golding, Lucci Meagher and Michael Hedger for going through the whole tetris of entries and resource allocation not once, but twice! Your efforts were hugely appreciated.

Despite all this, we had a healthy contingent of RRC rowers eager to get on water and start racing on the day. We shivered our way through arctic conditions and drizzle, but were rewarded with a very welcome held start at the 1km mark. We also spotted Christine Sullivan in the starting block, as she was training for her Umpire Level 2 accreditation. Well done Chris!

Conditions were calm for racing and some great results started flowing in. Of particular note were the performances of Geraldine Goss, Kate Dyball, and Helen Pearce, who between them won medals for 13 events! A phenomenal achievement, congratulations.


FMAB1XGoldKate Dyball
FMC4X-GoldKate Dyball, Helen Pearce
FMEK8+GoldGeraldine Goss
FMAB4X-GoldHelen Pearce
FME4X-GoldHelen Pearce, Geraldine Goss
FMC2XGoldKate Dyball
(APSM RCHMD Composite)
FMAD8+GoldGeraldine Goss
FMF2XGoldGeraldine Goss
(MUBC RCHMD Composite)
FMD2XSilverGeraldine Goss, Helen Pearce
MMAB4XSilverJack Hellerstedt, Pavel Oborin, John Carey, Pat Cook
FMFK4X-SilverGeraldine Goss
MMGM4+SilverRay Dennis
(BANKS RCHMD Composite)
FMAB2-SilverHelen Pearce, Kate Dyball
FMAB2XSilverHelen Pearce, Kate Dyball
FMClub8+BronzeWan Emptage, Louise Roberts-Bailey, Aline Dejaegher, Emily Bourke, Geraldine Goss, Amy Catlin, Kath Franklin, Beth Rosenberg, Cox: Sam Lincoln

Thank you

Attendance at this regatta would not have been possible without the help and dedication of our wonderful volunteers. Thank you to Phil Munson and Leigh Sullivan for towing the trailer, Amy Catlin for organising attendance to boatloading/unloading, and a very special thank you to Emil Limansyah, who was present at the regatta centre at the crack of dawn to help other crews rig their boats, and stayed until the very end of the day when the trailer took off. You are the embodiment of club spirit, thank you Emil!

For more photos of the weekend, click here

2023 Footscray Regatta

We were greeted by a gorgeous sunrise when we arrived at Footscray Rowing Club on Saturday morning, and Richmond members were keen to get the boats rigged and on water. The 800m Maribyrnong racing course is un-buoyed and hides a few sneaky turns, but with sunny skies and a light tailwind, conditions were excellent for racing.

The day started off with the Masters Women’s 8 in a two-boat duel with Melbourne RC, in which both crews ended up with key equipment failures. That’s what happens when you go hard! Thankfully the Richmond crew managed to row through all the chaos and came out winners. Along with a win in the FB4X+ it made for a successful day for the ladies.
The male crews also dominated their races with back to back Masters medals in the MM4X- and the MM4+, and the two male doubles crews (Jack H and Keith W in one, James M and Emil L in the other) winning their MC2X events.
Finally we had an explosion of bling with the mixed events, which proved extremely popular in all categories. Jack H and Ally D first won their X2X, soon followed by all 3 mixed quads winning their divisions! Finally the mixed 8 closed the events with a glorious win and the fastest time of the day (we even beat Mercs).
Well done to everyone who competed, volunteered, or cheered us on; it made for a great day and a memorable regatta!


FM8+ Geraldine Goss, Louise Roberts-Bailey, Cynthia Masters, Shern Timmins, Charlotte May, Norah Finn, Sam Leslie, Sarah Houghton, Cox: Ally Dejaegher
MM4X- Pavel Oborin, Jack Hellerstedt, John Carey, Tim Foster
FB4X+ Lily Innes-Irons, Caley Manzie, Marie Bergmann, Kat Spinnler-Jenkins, Cox: Emily Bourke
X2X Jack Hellerstedt, Ally Dejaegher
MM4+ Jon Roberts, Richie Healy, John Carey, Tim Foster, Cox: Ally Dejaegher
X4X+ Kate Dyball, Helen Pearce, Tim Foster, Pat Cook, Cox: Pavel Oborin
X4X+ Emil Limansyah, James Merrett, Wan Emptage, Ally Dejaegher, Cox: Amy Catlin
X4X+ Keith Wong, Gerry Goss, Ben Wardle, Lily Innes-Irons, Cox: Jack Hellerstedt
MC2X Jack Hellerstedt, Keith Wong
MC2X Emil Limansyah, James Merrett
X8+ Pavel Oborin, Kate Dyball, Lily Innes-Irons, Amy Catlin, Ben Wardle, Helen Pearce, Pat Cook, Tim Foster, Cox: Ally Dejaegher

Thank yous

  • Kim Begelhole – For towing the trailer to and from Footscray, as well as preparing the trailer plan and supervising boatloading
  • Michael Gehling – For doing BRO duties
  • Amy Catlin – For keeping us in check for boatloading and unloading responsibilities and making sure people are held accountable
  • All our coxes – Big thank you to everyone volunteering to steer our crews to the finish line!

Check out more photos of the day click this link

2023 State Championships Regatta

Written by Emily Bourke

What a cracker of a weekend in Nagambie! It was great to be there with the sun shining and the wind only lightly blowing dust across the course. Helen Pearce and Kate Dyball really set the tone for the weekend on the Saturday, smashing the 2km events! Well done Kate and Helen! 

This showing was followed up by a glorious Sunday of 1km racing in which Richmond took out the top spot of the medal tally with 16 in total – of which there were 8 golds, 7 silver and 1 bronze medal! 

Thank you to everyone who contributed and made this weekend of racing possible! 

  • Samantha Leslie for taking on BRO duties 
  • Geraldine Goss for the fantastic commentating  
  • Kim Begelhole for the boat loading plan 
  • Phil Munson for towing the trailer 
  • Jack Hellerstedt for being photographer 
  • All the coaches, coxes, and helpers for boats and oars 
  • Everyone who brought their dogs 😊 


Saturday (2km) 

FClub2X: H. Pearce and K. Dyball – 8:14.81 
FClub1X: K. Dyball – 8:31.56 

Sunday (1km) 

MC8+ J.Britton, R.Healy, D.Maksoutov, E.Limansyah, J.Carey, M.Hedger, D.Beck, K.Wong, Cox: L.Hubbard – 3:12.57  
FB2- A.Catlin, L.Innes-Irons – 3:58.03 
FA1X K.Dyball – 3:57.52 
FC4+ V.Mar, K.Spinnler-Jenkins, G.Bekir-Fuente, D.Hill, Cox: P.Tran – 4:08.24 
FC8+ K.Franklin, K.Spinnler-Jenkins, G.Bekir-Fuente, B.Rosenberg, C.May, D.Hill, I.Williams, N.Finn, Cox: P.Tran – 4:01.10 
MC4X+ K.Wong, J.Britton, J.Carey, R.Healy, Cox: A.Dejaegher – 3:32.98 
FC4X+ W.Emptage, M.Bergmann, J.Huang, D.Hill, Cox: I.Sijan – 4:18.05 
FA2X H.Pearce, K.Dyball – 3:54.04 

MB4+ P.Cook, I.Balemi, B.Wardle, T.Foster, Cox: D.Begg – 4:05.10 
MB8+ P.Oborin, J.Hellerstedt, J.Roberts, A.Pupko, B.Wardle, T.Foster, P.Cook, I.Balemi, Cox: D.Begg – 3:07.51 
MC4X+ E.Limansyah, J.Merrett, D.Maksoutov, W.Haynes, Cox: L.Hubbard – 3:39.06 
FC1X E.Rouse – 4:48.74 
FB8+ C.Sullivan, V.Mar, C.Manzie, E.Rouse, A.Lawler, B.Rosenberg, S.Leslie, S.Houghton, Cox: P.Tran – 3:54.24  
FB1X L.Innes-Irons – 4:39.60 
MC4+ W.Golding, T.Foster, P.Cook, I.Orton, Cox: A.Dejaegher – 3:51.95 

MB4X: W.Golding, I.Balemi, B.Wardle, P.Cook, Cox: D.Begg – 3:38.81 

For more photos, check out this link

2023 Australian Henley Regatta

After the recent regattas in regional Victoria, it was a lovely change to have a racing day right on our doorstep on the Yarra. Melbourne put on a great show and the atmosphere was both festive and electric.
On the racing front, it was one of the most successful Henley regattas Richmond has had in many years, with both the men and women’s squads winning in key events.
The 71 year drought (’51 annual report, page 7) came to an end for the men’s 8, with their dramatic victory in the MB8+ event, beating Mercantile in the semis and Banks in the nail-biting final.
The women also came up with the goods, with 2 Richmond quads making it to the final of the FB4x+ and guaranteeing a victory for the club!
This is a great opportunity to thank our coaches who have been doing such a great job getting our rowers in top shape: Will Golding (who was recently awarded Coach of the Year by RV, a huge achievement!) and Ainsley Raggatt for the Men’s squad; Roy Zhang, Lucci Maegher and Stuart McShane for the women’s squad. Thanks for the hard work.


MB8+ Pavel Oborin, Jack Hellerstedt, Jon Roberts, Alex Pupko, Ben Wardle, Tim Foster, Pat Cook, Isaac Balemi, Coxed by D.Begg
FM4X+ T.Nishibata [MELB], P.Whiting [MUBC], Geraldine Goss [RCHMD], Helen Pearce [RCHMD], Cox: C.Lawrence [BANKS]
FB4X+ Caley Manzie, Emily Rouse, Kat Spinnler-Jenkins, Beth Rosenberg, Coxed by Sarah Houghton
FM8+ Kate Dyball [RCHMD], Helen Pearce [RCHMD], Amy Catlin [RCHMD], Geraldine Goss [RCHMD], C.Carr [YARRA], M.Ringersma [YARRA], Christine Sullivan [RCHMD], L.Rodriquez [POWR], Coxed by Ally Dejaegher [RCHMD]

Thank you to our volunteers

Sue-Virginia O’Hanlon and Emily Bourke – BRO duties
Helen Pearce – Organising the post-racing event and buying food
Cynthia Masters and Gabriella Bekir Fuente – BBQ chefs
John C, Gerry G, Amy C, Lily I, Dennis B, Jack H and Ally D – Bar service and BBQ dishes
Lily Innes-Irons – Making sure the bar is stocked and beer is cold for each event!

For more photos, check out the link below

2023 Nagambie Regatta

The sprint season continued with another fabulous day of racing at Nagambie on 19th Feb, with sunny weather, light winds and all around outstanding conditions. This was the second outing for our new and snazzy racing zooty, which was changed to a new design and provider only recently. Thanks Sarah Haughton for all the hard work to get this done.
All the season’s training proved worthwhile when we got some well deserved bling!


FClub1X Kate Dyball
FClub2X Kate Dyball, Helen Pearce
MC8+ Emil Limansyah, James Merrett, John Britton, Richie Healy, John Carey, Dmitri Maksoutov, Dennis Beck, Keith Wong, Coxed by Ally Dejaegher
MBeg4X+ James Merrett, Devin Ingram, William Haynes, Dmitri Maksoutov, Coxed by Emil Limansyah
FM1X Kate Dyball
MB8+ Pavel Oborin, Jack Hellerstedt, Jon Roberts, Alex Pupko, Ben Wardle, Tim Foster, Pat Cook, Isaac Balemi, Coxed by Derek Begg
MC4X+ Keith Wong, John Britton, John Carey, Will Golding, Coxed by Derek Begg
FC1X Emily Rouse
X4X+ Sarah Houghton, Michael Hedger, Dennis Beck, Geraldine Goss, Coxed by James Merrett
MB4X+ Pavel Oborin, Jack Hellerstedt, John Carey, Will Golding, Coxed by Derek Begg
FA2X Helen Pearce, Kate Dyball
MC4+ Pat Cook, Isaac Balemi, Ben Wardle, Tim Foster, Coxed by Derek Begg

Thank yous

Emily Bourke – For BRO duties, general encouragement and good cheer!
Kim Begelhole and Leigh Sullivan – For trailer towing to and from Nagambie
Geraldine Goss – For commentating the races in a very knowledgeable and yet soothing voice
Jack Hellerstedt – For creating the photo album and collecting all the great snaps in one place
Coxes – Big thank you to everyone volunteering to steer our crews to the finish line!

Well done to everyone who participated!
For more photos, check out this link:

2023 Wendouree Ballarat Regatta

Ballarat was a mixed bag of conditions this year, with the classic wind churning up the course on Saturday, followed by chilly temperatures but calm water on Sunday.
Overall we had 25 competitors entered in 20 events, with 8 wins. Well done to everyone who participated!
Special shout out to Emily Bourke, who recently got injured but still came up to Ballarat to help out as BRO, despite the disappointment of not being able to race. Thanks Emily!


FClub2x Helen Pearce, Kate Dyball
MB2X Isaac Balemi, Ben Wardle
MBeg4X+ James Merrett, Devin Ingram, John Britton, Sean Rushby, Cox: Ally Dejaegher
FM4X+ Hannah Doherty-McMillan, Ally Dejaegher, Amy Catlin, Geraldine Goss, Cox: Sarah Houghton
MB4X+ Jack Hellerstedt, Pavel Oborin, John Britton, Will Golding, Cox: Derek Begg
FC4X+ Beth Rosenberg, Kat Franklin, Victoria Mar, Hannah Doherty-McMillan, Cox: Sarah Houghton
FM2X Geraldine Goss [RCHMD], Jennifer Bingham [MUBC]
MC4+ Pat Cook, Isaac Balemi, Ben Wardle, Tim Foster, Cox: Derek Begg

Thank yous

Huge thanks to our team of volunteers for making this event possible:
Kim Begelhole for creating the trailer plan, and towing the trailer
Sue Virginia O’Hanlon and Emily Bourke for BRO duties
All members who coxed, helped to get boats on and off water, boatloaded/unloaded and generally helped out over the weekend. Your assistance is really appreciated!

Link to photo album

2023 Rutherglen Regatta

After a few weeks of uncertainty, Rutherglen Regatta 2023 was confirmed to actually take place on Lake Moodemere, to everyone’s relief and delight. The recent Murray River flooding carved out a lovely little cliff on the river bank, which made launching boats a tad more challenging, but nothing could stop the good vibes and enthusiasm of participants. The contingent from RRC was strong this year, with over 30 members attending and 60 races entered over the weekend. Armed with Will’s spreadsheet, RRC was an unstoppable tsunami of boats and coxes on and off the water both days.

After the stifling heat on Saturday, it was deliciously refreshing to jump in the pool at the Lydoun Motel, our home away from home in Chiltern. This was followed by a lovely BBQ, expertly cooked by our team of volunteers and coordinated by Richie Healy.
It also gave us an opportunity to say farewell to Sep Tolboom, who has now returned to his native Netherlands after spending some time in Melbourne. He’s been a great addition to the men’s coaching team and a wonderful person to have around the club. Best of luck on your new adventures Sep!

Race of the weekend?

Big ups to Richie for catching the footage of the absolute barnstormer of a finish for the Sunday MB4x+ “too close to call”.


MC8+ Will Golding, Allan Randall, Isaac Balemi, Pat Cook, Ben Wardle, Alex Pupko, Dennis Beck, Jack Hellerstedt, coxed by Ally Dejaegher
X2X Jack Hellerstedt & Ally Dejaegher
MB4X+ Pat Cook, Isaac Balemi, Ben Wardle, Will Golding, coxed by Jack Hellerstedt
FM4X+ Christine Sullivan, Cynthia Masters, Sarah Hardy, Diana Vernon, coxed by Stef Dudzig
FB2- Amy Catlin & Lily Innes-Irons
MC4X+ Emil Limansyah, James Merrett, Will Golding, Pat Cook, coxed by Jack Hellerstedt
FB4+ Caley Manzie, Kat Spinnler-Jenkins, Stef Dudzig, Gabriella Bekir-Fuente, coxed by Wan Emptage
FC4+ Emily Bourke, Dana Hill, Caley Manzie, Kat Spinnler-Jenkins, coxed by Christine Sullivan

MB8+ Pat Cook, Jack Hellerstedt, Jon Roberts, Alex Pupko, Tom McKay, Ben Wardle, Will Golding, Isaac Balemi, coxed by Ally Dejaegher
FC4X+ Gabriella Bekir-Fuente, Marie Bergmann, Caley Manzie, Emily Bourke coxed by Amy Catlin
FB4+ Caley Manzie, Kat Spinnler-Jenkins, Stef Dudzig, Gabriella Bekir-Fuente, coxed by James Merrett
MC4X+ Emil Limansyah, James Merrett, Allan Randall, Dmitri Maksoutov, coxed by Geraldine Goss

Thank yous

Huge thanks to our team of volunteers for making this event possible:
Fiona Morrison for organising accommodation at Lydoun Motel
Christine & Leigh Sullivan, for towing the trailer to and from Rutherglen
Leigh Sullivan for BRO duty on Saturday
Richie Healy for organising food logistics and planning the Saturday BBQ
Pat Cook, Gerry Goss, Will Golding, Jon Roberts & Dennis Beck for cooking up a storm on Saturday night and making sure everything gets cleaned up
Jack Hellerstedt for crisis re-booking the pub, creating the photo album, picking up BBQ food and double checking boats were tied down properly
Kim Begelhole for the boatloading plan
All members who coxed, helped to get boats on and off water, boatloaded/unloaded and generally helped out over the weekend. Your assistance is really appreciated!

Link to album

2022 Club races and Christmas lunch

We had a big day on Sunday 11th December with club races, boat naming and the club Christmas lunch. Thankfully the weather was glorious for most of the day, only turning to showers at the very end.

Club races

3 Richmond eights were ready and keen for the splash and dash 300m course and the competition was fierce.
Ambush – coxed by Jack: Cynthia, James, Millie, Alex, Rohan, Pat, Allan, Tim E
D. Begg – coxed by Kathy: Caley, Keith, Pavel, Mikey G, Tom, Kim, Sep, John B
Minerva – coxed by Will: Rebecca, Emily B, Lily, Anthea, Andrew, Ben, Dennis and Justin, who also ended up winners! Well done to all participants.

Boat naming

Richmond RC is very lucky to have acquired a beautiful Hudson 8, graciously donated by the Sullivan family and sponsored by Leemark. Heartfelt thank you to Chris and Leigh Sullivan for their incredibly generous gift, which will no doubt be appreciated for many years to come.
The boat naming celebration was setup at the front of the club and the 8 has been christened the “Minerva”, roman goddess of wisdom and counterpart to the Greek deity Athena. She was the goddess of justice, strategic war and victory, who emerged fully formed and armoured from the head of her father Jupiter. More importantly, Minerva is also the name of one of Richmond RC’s very first boats in the 1863 original fleet. An apt name and a lovely throwback to the club’s origins.

Christine Sullivan and some exploding bubbles on the Minerva

Christmas lunch

All our squads came together to decorate the hall & make sure we were in full festive spirit for the afternoon. The food was delicious, crackers popping with terrible jokes enjoyed by all, along with spectacularly Christmassy music. But the best part as always was the company.

Thank yous

Helen Pearce – Event organisation, marketing & desserts
Christine Sullivan – Club race logistics & crews
Will Golding, Jack Hellerstedt & Kathy Macrow – Coxing for club races
Amy Catlin – Christmas lunch catering
Diana Vernon – Serving food
Anthea Amos, Kathy Macrow, Dennis Beck, Amy Catlin, Lily Innes-Irons, Kim Begelhole & Ally Dejaegher – Bar service
James Merrett & Jack Hellerstedt – Clean-up & dishes
All Women & Men’s squad on the day – Christmas decorations and set-up

2022 Carrum Regatta

In a very unusual turn of events, Carrum was one of the few regattas this year that wasn’t at risk of cancellation or location change. Not only that, but the weather gods were on our side as we enjoyed glorious clear skies, light winds and a barely there whiff from the treatment plant – perfect conditions for racing.

Despite a small contingent from Richmond and tough competition from the likes of Mercantile and Carey, we were still successful on the water with several wins and some very close races.

Well done to all participants, particularly those for whom it was a new experience:
Emily Bourke, Sean Rushby and James Merrett – First time sprint racing
Amy Catlin – first time coxing in a regatta

Massive thank you to our team of volunteers for making this event possible:
Barry Campbell for towing the trailer in the most appalling traffic conditions
Phil Munson for being our BRO extraordinaire for the afternoon session
Jack Hellerstedt as our official event photographer
Everyone who helped each other out by coxing, carrying blades & boats, providing lifts, words of encouragement, sweet treats or watermelon-scented suncream


First place – Medals!

FB4x+ Emily Bourke, Millie Cameron, Gabriela Bekir-Fuente, Sarah Hardy, coxed by Ally Dejaegher – 4:03.66

FM4x+ Ally Dejaegher, Sarah Hardy, Anthea Amos, Christine Sullivan, coxed by Amy Catlin – 4:51.83

X8+ Tim Foster, Will Golding, Alex Pupko, Ben Wardle, Amy Catlin, Lily Innes-Irons, Gabriela Bekir-Fuente, Emily Bourke, coxed by Ally Dejaegher – 3:44.63

Second place

MA4x+ Will Golding, Ben Wardle, Isaac Balemi, Pat Cook, coxed by Derek Begg – 3:23.56
FB2- Lily Innes-Irons, Amy Catlin – 4:13.21
MB4+ Tim Foster, Ben Wardle, Isaac Balemi, Pat Cook, coxed by Derek Begg – 3:41.65
MB8+ Tim Foster, Pat Cook, Ben Wardle, Isaac Balemi, Alex Pupko, Michael Gehling, Jack Hellerstedt, Keith Wong, coxed by Will Golding 3:34.43
X4x+ Jack Hellerstedt, Amy Catlin, Ally Dejaegher, Dennis Beck, coxed by Keith Wong 4:01.58
MA8+ Tim Foster, Pat Cook, Ben Wardle, Isaac Balemi, Alex Pupko, Will Golding, Jack Hellerstedt, Dennis Beck, coxed by Ally Dejaegher 3:25.64

Third place

MB4x+ Keith Wong, James Merrett, Sean Rushby, Emil Limansyah, coxed by Lily Innes-Irons 4:04.82
FM2x Anthea Amos, Val Dowell [MRC] 5:24.04

Another great day for Richmond Rowing Club

link to album