Transport to Rutherglen

Happy New Year!
I have noticed from the sign up board that there are a number of people that will be looking for a lift to Rutherglen next weekend so I have done a bit of investigation into a mini bus that we can use for transport to and from the regatta.
We have a few options available to us including a 17 seater luxury Mercedes mini bus or a 22 seater mini bus (both options are air conditioned so they will be comfortable)…the exact vehicle will depend on the number of people that want to take advantage of the bus.
Cost will be approximately $35 – $45 per person inclusive of pick up from RRC on the Friday afternoon (approx 1800hrs departure), transfers to and from the accommodation and regatta venue while in Rutherglen and return transport back to Melbourne on the Sunday afternoon. There will also be an opportunity to visit a winery or two on the Saturday after the regatta on the way back to the accommodation.
Up side of a bus is that we only have one person driving (me and JL), the rest of you can kick back tell stupid jokes and enjoy the trip to and from Rutherglen (including a few beers if you must), we significantly reduce our carbon footprint by using only the one vehicle (instead of many), we look awesome pulling up to a regatta in a mini bus, we only use the one parking space (albeit a big one) and there will be plenty of room for wine purchased at the wineries.
The down side is that we all have to listen to each others CD’s (or iTunes collection), it will be impossible to sleep in as we will need to be at the regatta early and it is odds on that you will be photographed in a highly embarrasing pose if you fall alseep at all during the trip (not that you will know until the end of season presentation night).
If you are keen then let me know by Tuesday afternoon (1700hrs) via email ([email protected]), including how many people you will be booking for so I can confirm with the coach company.
I will let you know final costs on Wednesday PM as I will need you to pay me in cash when you board the bus on the Friday at the club.
Simon C