Christmas message from the President of RRC

Sooo…..2009 is very nearly over and boy what a year. As I write this the temperatures are again soaring into the high 30’s – which you think we would all be used to by – but given that the building I work in air con unit is about to pack up – perhaps not. Its been a hot year not only weather wise but all with the achievements and activities that we – Richmond Rowing Club – have been involved in throughout the year.
All RRC squads have been well represented at regattas, training camps, time trials and sprints. We seem to as a club have embraced our true age with one of the biggest masters contingents hitting the water over the autumn/winter months.
These regattas provided some great opportunities for members to pick up medals and be involved in some extremely competitive racing. At the opposite end of the spectrum a band of four RRC members also headed off to the Uni games to try their luck.  We almost broke the 60 mark of members participating in ’round the island’ and we definitely made huge gains with a number of the times recorded being improved on over the period.
The Tiger Trivia night that was held earlier this year – really put us on the front foot in terms of fundraising in 2009, with over $3000 raised as well as a few eyebrows re. the number of trivia junkies lurking in the club. Chocolate sales seemed to continue for sometime further and I am pleased to say that my work colleagues are a little rounder than before I arrived due to my knack at forcing freddo’s upon them. Our fundraising efforts have been book ended by a tandem initiative by Kev and Lucy – with the production of Christmas/Greeting Cards. If you haven’t had an opportunity to make a purchase I would encourage you to check the website out – they can be bought on-line.
If there was ever any doubt if the RRC men could party the HOTY after party confirmed it. As the saying goes ‘what happens on tour stays on tour’ I won’t disclose the exact moves, faces and people that were pulled that night! But will only say – we rocked and when at about 2am we were asked to leave PHRC – you’d get the picture. Presentation Night in June was a little more sophisticated we all members keeping their clothes on.  I have a feeling that 2010 is going to bring further people out of the wood work and into the limelight – I already have the party dates locked in.
The committee and many others have continued with a large program of work from ensuring our safety compliance, entering members into races, getting fleet on the water and generally keeping the club going. The work that goes on behind the scenes is extensive and looking back over the last 6 months, I think we are on track for achieving the action plan and goals we set for this club year.
I would like to throw out a massive thank you to the membership for making 2009 a ripper. Its been a hard year and I’m feeling kind of tired and looking forward to a mini break before getting back into the swing of things at Rutherglen. To all the coaches, coxes, administrators, socialites, event managers, enthusiasts weight lifters, truckies, performers and those that continue to turn up and make RRC a fun place to be – Cheers.
Wishing you a very happy, safe and blister free Christmas. See you in the New Year.
Emma Catford
President Richmond Rowing Club