This week @ RRC (26 July)

Big week last week – Two solid sessions in the eight with both outings producing good form for this time of the year.
There is still a bit of work to do on the leg drive as the horsepower is not quiet converting into boat speed but looking at the progression we have made in the past three weeks, it is only a matter of time (and plenty more km’s) before we get there.
This week is more of the same except we will look at varying the exercises to improve the timing through the leg drive. Expect a few more legs only exercises, which Tom Appleby eloquently refers to as ‘stuff the duck’ and more of the good old power strokes or ‘stuff the legs’.
Thursday we will be looking for the full hour on the water as we want to get in a few tech pieces and some quality steady state work with a few jumps in rating thrown in for good measure. Saturday will be similar to Thursday but we will aim for 1 ½ hours on the water to get a few more km’s in the legs.
I will also plan to do another 15 min chat prior to the row on Saturday to give you a bit of background to the session and an update on the forthcoming Bairnsdale camp. If we could aim to be upstairs for 1400hrs I would appreciate it.
In other news, the ‘Frequent Sleeper’ program gained its first points towards the Bairnsdale camp rehydration experience with Martin and Kevin making their first contributions for the year. The blog has been updated with a new ‘Frequent Sleeper’ page so we can keep an eye on the tab leading up to Bairnsdale.
Finally, for those who missed out on the AGM, we have some new faces on the RRC committee with Derek Begg (CM) and Troy Durham (CM) joining Emma (President), Martin (HOCD), Lucy (Treasurer), Anthea (Secretary), Nicole (HOR) and Annalise (VP) on the 2009/10 committee.
If you want to let loose with a few ideas for the direction of the club, including where the darts board should be placed in the new extension, then start campaigning through any of the above people.
See you Thursday.