Gray Matters

Good Evening Rowers,

Sorry I’m a bit late, Nicole said July erg, apparently though implied….she didn’t actually mean for ALL of July..

Winter Update, is now at 35 days to go. 35 being not as small a number as we’d like, I mean 35 is still a LOT of laps of the tan and LOADS of donuts, admittedly a fairly cheap pair of shoes but quite a generous jeans size and (by my standards anyway) a pretty good bottle of wine. The good news is that while it’s now light til nearly 6pm, it’s dark by the time we train and also dark til about 7.10am, which means, no one can so how bad you are! So if you’re crummy, now is the time to hit the water and fly under the radar.


Ok, July is VERY nearly over, so now it’s time to hop on your favourite erg as your stats are now due. 10 min for girls and the mixed master hoty crew with an open rating (translation flog yourself silly). Don’t be concerned if the guys are yet to show their mettle on the ergs as they will be doing their 20 min ergos in early August with the results posted on their shiny new blog for the world to see…..hardcore indeed.

Nicole’s tired of me boring her silly about my prowess on the erg (and extreme endurance and incredible ability) and invites you to do your monthly ergo – hop on the website and tell us about it (no need to post scores). Do JL’s weekly ergo and hop on the Tiger Forum and tell us about it.

The aim of all these ergos is A) because we are having mini-skirts as compulsory dress at the christmas party, B) because Barwon called us Chubby or according to the head honch C) They make

us feel good and virtuous. Which is true, I believe I deserve a medal, or (possible more

befitting) a state funeral after every ergo I do.


So enter your erg and check out our website which it right on brief for making us appear VERY sporty! And VERY cool.

Squad Bosses

Lemme know when you’re going out and which boat has your name on it, well not literally of course, though I await the club reunion when I meet Karen Azinger, Jennifer Campbell and Co.

The boat booking board is in use – so please book your boats through Nicole or myself and check the board before taking a boat out.

katie gray

PANS (PA to Nicole Studka, previously PA to JK until she was transferred to the Darwin Oar Rowing Society and now champions the DORC’s up there)