2022 Presentation Night

On Saturday 18 June we celebrated the ’21/’22 season, with the following awardees:

Derek, Millie, Chelsea, John & Jack with their club race glasses

Club race winners:
Jack H, Keith W, John C, Chelsea C, Anthea A, Mikey G, Kerrin H, Millie C, Alex P, coxed by Derek B

Mal Scott Male club rower of the year:
Ben Wardle

Male Masters rower of the year:
Phillip Munson

Male Masters composite rower of the year:
Ray Dennis

John Sawyer Female club rower of the year:
Kate Dyball

Female masters rower of the year:
Michelle Joy

Eye of the Tiger:
John Carey

Captain’s Award:
Helen Pearce & Kirsty Fergie

Don Edwards Coxswain of the year:
Derek Begg

The President’s Award:
Sue-Virginia O’Hanlon

Special thanks to Amy Catlin for organising the evening, helpers Kirsty Fergie and Sarah Hardy and to our bar manager Lily Innes- Irons and all the helpers on the bar. Set up and clean up was done by Amy and Gerry with some helpers on the night.

2022 Nagambie Regatta

Nagambie was hot, dusty & sunny, with a peak temperature of 34 on the day, reinforced by the interminably long lunch break before the last gasp of racing Sunday arvo.

So glad to see the homemade brownies & relish at the Ezy Oar cafe, with burgers clearly the crowd favourite being completely sold out by 1pm.

We sent 32 athletes to row 22 events, with 8 first, 5 second, and 3 third place finishes.

FClub2x/ M. Joy, K. Dyball 8:09.79
FClub4x/ K. Dyball, M. Joy, Z. Maxwell, K. Doggett 7:37.47
FA8+/ K.Fergie, H.Pearce, D.Hill, L.Innes-Irons, C.Crouser, K.Doggett, Z.Maxwell, K.Dyball, Cox: C.Sullivan 4:04.28
FB4x+/ G.Goss, K.Fergie, H.Pearce, C.Crouser, Cox: M.Joy 3:51.12
MBeg4x+/ B.Wardle, I.Balemi, T.Gruner, C.Moechyi, Cox: W.Golding 3:55.85
FM4x-/ M.Joy, K.Dyball, Z.Maxwell, K.Doggett 3:43.62
MB4x+/ D.Beck, M.Gehling, J.Hellerstedt, P.Oborin, Cox: D.Begg 3:59.42
FA2x/ K.Dyball, Z.Maxwell 4:11.27

MC8+/ K.Wong, D.Beck, A.Pupko, T.Gruner, R.Healy, A.Reid, C.Moechyi, L.Mckee, Cox: K.Howard 3:29.74
MB8+/ A.Randall, B.Wardle, I.Balemi, J.Hellerstedt, J.Carey, J.Roberts, M.Gehling, P.Oborin, Cox: D.Begg 3:15
FM4x+/ C.Crouser, H.Pearce, K.Fergie, G.Goss, Cox: J.Hellerstedt 4:02.8
FA2x/ K. Fergie, H. Pearce 4:17.97
X8+/ M.Joy, G.Goss, B.Wardle, I.Balemi, R.Healy, R.Skelton, W.Emptage, J.Huang, Cox: C.Sullivan 3:50.22

MB2x/ J. Hellerstedt, P. Oborin ntt
FB2x/ L. Innes-Irons, D. Hill 4:14.02
X4x+/ W.Golding, J.Carey, H.Pearce, C.Crouser, Cox: D.Begg 3:50.5

This was the inaugural racing (rowing!) in the newly acquired Kathy Macrow 4/x+, thanks to Lily I-I for the emergency field christening prosecco.

Race of the regatta?

Men’s B quad a candidate, battle paddling Barwon inside of 2 metres all the way down the course. Barwon were quite annoyed to be beaten by a canvas by not only RRC in first but a ‘fast finishing’ 14yo crew from Gippsland Grammar in second, looking at RRC the other side of the line with a “how old do you think we are?”: unclear who envied whom for what while coughing up a lung at the finish line. Look out States!!

Thanks Alex Reid for stepping up to BRO in the afternoon.

Barry closed his eyes and compass navigated the trailer on backroads back to the shed. Unloaded before 1945.

2022 Rutherglen regatta

We sent a tight contingent of 14 athletes to the 156th annual Rutherglen regatta on Lake Moodemere. Great to be back up to the border after being locked away behind the ring of steel for so long.

The lamb shanks were the clear winner on Friday at the Telegraph Hotel Chiltern, and it was great to see Caffeine n Machine slinging ‘spro before 630am on the Sunday for the sunrise racing!

With spectacularly intense thunderstorms late Friday night, we were glad to see our late arriving rowers make the drive up safely. Over the weekend the lake was absolutely full, and it was a far cry from the dust bowl of yesteryear, with persistent mud at the trailers showing no sign of drying out at the end of the weekend despite the 30+ peak temperatures each day.

Alex Huang and Wan-ling Emptage heading out for their doubles race Saturday


We amassed 7 first, 4 second, 8 third place finishes with that Rutherglen famous lack of repêchage.

Saturday 800m results

first place
MC1x / Michael Gehling
MC4x+ / Hellerstedt, Gehling, Wardle, Beck, cox: Emptage
FM4x+ / Dudczig, Fergie, Pearce, Goss, cox: Huang
FM2x / Fergie, Pearce

MC8+ / Begelhole, Hellerstedt, Reid, Pupko, Gehling, Wardle, Randall, Beck, cox: Dudczig
FM4+ / Richardson (Ess), Fergie, Pearce, Goss, cox: Emptage

FM1x / Gerry Goss
MM8+ (of 3) / Begelhole, Gordon, Reid, Hellerstedt, Mansfield (Yarawonga), Randall, Beck, cox: Dudczig
FM2x / Dudczig, Goss

Sunday 500m results

FM4x+ / Dudczig, Fergie, Pearce, Goss, cox: Hellerstedt
FM2x / Goss, Dudczig & Fergie, Pearce

MC1x / Hellerstedt
MC4x+ DQ / Hellerstedt, Gehling, Wardle, Beck, cox: Huang

MC8+ / Begelhole, Hellerstedt, Reid, Pupko, Gehling, Wardle, Randall, Beck, cox: Dudczig
FC2x / Emptage, Huang
FC1x / Alex Huang
X4x+ / Pearce, Gehling, Pupko, Fergie, cox: Hellerstedt
MB4x+ / Hellerstedt, Pupko, Wardle, Beck, cox: Emptage

the men’s eight

Big thanks to Stef Dudczig, Wan-ling Emptage & Alex Huang for the lionshare of box-free coxing! Jack Hellerstedt for some Sunday finals, and Benton Goodbrand of Argonauts, as well as friends at Essendon & Footscray RC for getting our crews down the course and around the bend.

Michael Gehling was the Richmond BRO of the regatta

Boat unloading was poetry in motion, done and dusted in 59m50s