Sprint season is underway

Well done to all who attended our Sprint Rowing Camp on the weekend. Special thanks to all our dedicated coaches and once again, especially to Lindsey for her support helping to organise our coxes.
The flash of black and gold on the water was very impressive. Many sessions we had 3 eights, three quads, 3 fours and other boat combinations. That is a massive effort. You should all feel a little sore, with renewed blisters and fitness!
Now to channel that fitness into some racing.
We are currently organising entries for Lake Colac Regatta Sunday 01st Feb. Urgently  review your status on sportsplanner for this regatta so we can complete crew planning. Entries are due this weekend.
I will be emailing the women’s squads directly.
Sadly, this year we will not be attending the Pennant Regatta in Tasmania. The logistics for such a regatta are heavy and with so many other rowing commitments, we just haven’t been able to execute this.
It will remain on the agenda for 2016 and a planning group allocated.
See you on the water this week for some more ‘quick legs down’ training
Regards, Rochelle