Rules of association changes 2014

The rules of association sets out the rights of members and operating powers of a club. As a formal club operating as a not for profit organisation Richmond Rowing Club is bound by these rules and recent changes to the Associations Incorporation Act have required us to revise and update our rules. The committee with a great deal of help from Emma Catford, as head of our strategic planning subgroup for leadership and governance, have drafted a revised copy of our Rules of Association taking into account our new legal requirements and updating some areas.
We are asking members to take this opportunity to review the rules (see the attached pdf at the bottom of this article) and offer any feedback to myself and/or the committee in the next couple of weeks before we submit our revised rules to the membership with an explanatory document prioir to the AGM.
We will then be proposing a motion at this years AGM, Saturday July 26th to accept the new Rules of Association, there will be time at the meeting to discuss thoughts/opinions on the changes but I would appreciate any feedback as early as possible to enable us enough time to incorporate any changes. These rules will then need to be submitted to Consumer Affairs Victoria to ensure they are complete and comply with the new Associations Incorporation Reform Act.
At this pont I will just highlight a couple of the changes that have been proposed that I believe people will be most interested in:

  • New modern purposes of the association
  • Details on the use of proxies for voting at general meetings
  • Alteration to the committee structure – with Head of Club Development, becoming Facilities Coordinator and the inclusion of a new role entitled Fundraising Coordinator.
  • Inclusion of the use of technology for meetings

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