Redevelopment Update

Anyone who has been down to the boathouse since we gave the builders exclusive access at the start of June will see that they are making good progress with the building works. The roof is on, pergola erected, old front stairs demolished, windows removed and so on. In the next two weeks the planned building works are as follows:
Week 1 commencing 9th June

  • Form Stair 1 and pour late in the week
  • Electrical rough in at both levels
  • Measure windows and roller shutters
  • Continue carpentry to walls and ceilings
  • Commence plumbing rough in

 Week 2 commencing 16th June

  • Electrical rough in continues
  • Plastering upstairs
  • Blockwork to underside of stairs
  • Plumbing rough in continues

At this stage we expect to have use of the boathouse again in mid July and for the building works to be completed in mid August, as planned.