Recognising members taking on Non-Committee roles

Richmond Rowing Club is a volunteer managed club, as members we are all responsible for assisting with the running of the club however we can. Without pitching in to get things done the club would not be able to operate.
Some people take on greater responsibility through Committee roles which are elected annually. Check out the attached post for a reminder of your current Committee. We also have a number of dedicated volunteer coaches, who we thanks and recognise annual at our awards night at the end of the season.
To support the Committee we have a number of non Committee roles that members take on. These are not always known or celebrated, so would like to take the time to communicate the roles and those performing them.
The Committee would like to recognise and thank the following people who have taken on these formal roles this year:

  • Vice-Captain (new) – Kim Begelhole
  • Boatloading Coordinator – Shern Timmins
  • Archive team lead – Anthea Amos
  • Bar Manager – Gypsy Shepherd
  • Social Coordinator – Amy Catlin
  • Health and Safety Officer – Steven Sheppard
  • New Member Coordinator – Stef Dudczig
  • Merchandise coordinator – Rosie Dickson-Hoyle
  • Tech Team Lead – Michael Gehling
  • Student Liaison – Kat Spinnler
  • Learn to row Coordinator – Yash Vegi
  • Regatta Coordinator – Kirsty Fergie

A detailed description of the roles and responsibilities is attached.  Non-committee-positions-of-responsibility.pdf
We are always looking for more people to assist, if you have a skill that would be relevant or are interested supporting any of the Committee or leader of formal roles, please reach out. Volunteering can be as simple as helping to arrange an event, serving behind the bar, writing a blog post, coxing for a crew, being a BRO for part of the day at a regatta or tidying up around the club after an event. In addition if you are asked to help out or see a post of Facebook asking to help, please do so if you can.