New Faces

Some of the membership may already have noticed a few new faces around the rowing shed this week as the Inter College rowing season has begun.
Over the last several years RRC has leased our eights to the Melbourne University Inter-Collegiate Regatta. This has a direct benefit to RRC in bringing in much needed funds for fleet maintenance and new equipment.
To facilitate the lease of the college rowing we have provided access to the shed bay area, change-rooms and gym. Please make them feel welcome as we’ve had inter-college rowers join RRC in the past after the regatta period.
The Details:

  • The Inter-College regatta will be held on the 30th of April 2016 and crews train for the regatta for a 3 week period from the 10th Of April.
  • Crews compete for their college of residence over 2km and 1km distances on the Yarra similar in a similar format to the Henley Regatta.
  • The college crews vary in experience and skill levels from ex- first eight school rowers to those who learn to row and race in the 3 week period.
  • Most crews do have experienced coxswains however some may be a little vague on Yarra Specific River rules as many students competing are from other Victorian rowing areas or interstate.

I have attached lights to all the eights we are leasing out. Please don’t remove them it’s safer for you and our fleet if people can see them coming. As mentioned skill and experience levels vary so please be careful out on the water, make sure YOU HAVE LIGHTS. Crews using RRC boats have been advised to use the sign out book but make sure that all the eights are back on the racks before you decide to lock up. We all sometimes forget to sign out.
NOTE: MLC have also leased their eights to the colleges so don’t shut their roller door if it’s open.
The men’s squad will be sharing change-room facilities with two college crews but the women’s crews have been advised to use the MLC change room.
We have advised the crews using RRC boats that Thursday night 6pm and Sunday 10am are our main training times to avoid equipment clashes.
I have temporarily moved four of the RRC Coxboxes (Numbers 1-4) to the workbench at the rear of the old MLC bay. Coxbox Number 5 and the two mini’s are still located in the equipment cupboard upstairs, please use these first for RRC crews before grabbing one off the workbench. If you use one of the Coxboxes off the workbench please return it there and plug it in to charge. Don’t take it upstairs ad lock it away. (This is the one time of year you don’t get a Captain’s ticking off for doing this)

  • In total there are 8 crews boating out of RRC/MLC as MLC have also leased 4 boats
    • That’s 64 rowers plus a few spares
    • 8 coxswains
    • 8-10 coaches

That’s 80 odd people so make them feel welcome and maybe RRC could be their new rowing home.
Thanks All,
Barry Campbell
RRC Captain