A new tiger on an old stage

Preparation of the quiz this year took on a new twist, we needed a new trophy. To answer the multiple inquiries (some from overseas) Wiki the wombat had mistakenly been given to a toddler and only the most ruthless of rowers (who I won’t name) advocated snatching him back. So I toured various shops to be confronted by an array of soft toys that you would only give to children if you wanted to scare them or to girlfriends that you were secretly hoping they’d would break it off. But there he was, as white as the Siberian snow that white tigers aren’t actually found on (they come from India), Richie the Tiger.
While I was doing this Cat and Shern were doing the real work, Cat getting the auction items together, Shern organising the attendees. Four days prior to the event Shern came up with one of the most relevant questions ever asked in connection with an RRC quiz “Has anyone stocked the bar?” And no auction is complete without a brochure, Lindsey is to be thanked for that. The artistic talent of Ainsley not only produced our publicity poster but two excellent auction items
On the day of the quiz I was greeted at RRC by some of our male rowers (could a collective noun be a “Rip”?) ready to help with the set up. Melbourne RC generously agreed to lend us their tables but it takes a little muscle to move them. Katalin helped with the decorations before starting her duties at the bar, she had already had a moderating influence on the quiz questions. For those wondering why the quizzes have got a little easier in recent years…mystery solved.
And so it began, with 98 people attending, from a wide cross section of age groups and club longevity. The first round was well negotiated by all teams with some earning a bonus point for getting all questions right, while Stef and Kathy made sure the bar wasn’t overwhelmed by the early rush. This was followed by Simon taking the microphone (a technological leap for him) and taking us through the auction as he has done for many years now. The second round on “All things American” proved to be a good round for teams to play their joker, the “General Knowledge” less so, but this brought us to the “Sit down” game and several revelations. At least one rower admitted to admiring themselves in the mirror while wearing a zootie, several had used the internet to ‘check-the-ex’ and there was a small sympathy vote for a couple of our members for who I cruelly inserted the statement “Sit down if you think x is hot.”
Dissent was limited to one person who was infuriated by my non acceptance of “Kresh” instead of “Crash” for a collective of Rhinos, apparently something was lost in translation within that team. I have rarely seen such anger in someone I’m not related too, but I found it funny. In the final round Michael G performed two songs “Spicks and Specks” style using the American constitution for the words. His rendition of “Big Yellow Taxi” was guessed by most teams but his cover of “Titanium” won’t be going platinum. The “Pulp Fiction script” was read by Ally and Sarah R who did a good impression of two gangsters from south central…Dublin? JL and Sarah H read ‘Thelma and Louise, putting in a good southern drawl. When approached about the role Sarah stated “I’m not much of an actress!” she has since been followed by paparazzi and linked to Ryan Reynolds.
Carolyn took out the prize of best dressed American, coming as the walking juxtaposition that is heiress and former terrorist Patty Heart, but in the final analysis the big prize went to a crew that came home by at least a boat length. It was nice to see a team containing long standing supporters of the event such, Sally, Karen, Edith, Leonie and Michelle finally winning, perhaps they will defend their title under the name “The STEM femmes”? I am certainly glad that they didn’t allocate Richie to Edith’s children or Michelle’s dog.
Next year will be the tenth year I’ve been involved in this night and consequently the theme will be “Retro”. I continue to be involved in this event because I honestly think it shows the club at its best; I‘ve only been able to mention a small number of the people that attended, helped out and donated auction prizes. Whether I’ve mentioned you or not, please accept my thanks. I look forward to seeing you all (and Richie) next year.
Quiz winners