Head of the Yarra 2012

This Saturday is the Annual Head of the Yarra (HOTY) Regatta on the Yarra.  For those not rowing it is an amazing spectacle come down and cheer on the 3  Richmond crews Women’s D, Mens C and Mixed Masters A-C .  It’s one of the few head races you can  also follow along the entire course on a pushbike.

  • this year there will be 180 boats competing in various club and school categories.  180×9= 1620 competitors (rowers and coxswains)
  • Clubs from all over Australia compete.
  • Each boat traverses the 8.6km winding river course.
  • Racing starts in the City and ends at Hawthorn Rowing Club
  • There is only a 10 sec interval between crews and a 5 min break between brackets
  • Coxswains need nerves of steel:
    • A racing eight is 18 metres long and weighs approx 100kg. (empty)
    • On water it’s 7 metres wide and can weigh nearly a tonne (with crew and oars)
    • Wallan Road (Leonda bridge) arch is only 9m wide
    • An A-grade heavyweight male crew can travel at over 6 metres a second.
    • An eight can take 4 times its length to turn 90 degrees.
    • The coxes view of the course is semi obscured by the crew.
    • A brand new racing eight costs upwards of 35k plus oars.
  • So remember to listen to your Coxswain at all times!!!
  • and have Fun!!!!

Hawthorn RC put on a big event at the finish line so come along and support your Richmond Tigers.
Plus don’t forget the Powerhouse post HOTY Toga party.

Come join us after your day of racing for a TOGA PARTY at PHRC.BYOS (Bring Your Own Sheet)
Tickets: $10 via http://www.trybooking.com/CCBJ
$15 cash at the door.
There will be jelly shots.
There will be twister.
There will be dancing.
There will be pizza.
There might even be a smoke machine.
You’re going to have a SHEETload of fun.
It will be unforgeTOGAble!

Have a great weekend whatever you are doing
Barry Campbell