Changing the Club Racing Uniform – Have Your Say

Hello All
As discussed at the club AGM (28 July 2012) a proposal has been received by Geraldine Goss to change the current design of the RRC racing zootie. For those that are new – this is the official uniform that must be worn by all RRC members wishing to enter and compete at a regatta. This uniform must also be registered with Rowing Victoria (RV) so umpires and other rowing officials can identify the club/school competing.
Gerry has been working with Susie Palfreyman (Designer Paintworks) and JL racing to design a ‘new look’ zootie for the club as we enter our 150th year, and one that takes advantage of new fabrics that now exist and used in modern sportswear.
A few reasons behind the proposal to change the official RRC uniform

  • Over the last few years zootie manufacturers have increased the cost of making the current RRC uniform due to the number of panels required in our current design. If members wanted to use high tech fabric for their zootie, these costs would increase again making it quite expensive.
  • Most current suits are made from polycotton (given the price point) which also have a tendency to hold on to water (i.e. not dry quickly) and have poor wicking capabilities. These combined mean that polycotton can be uncomfortable when wet and cause the rower to get colder than perhaps if they were wearing more advanced fabrics.
  • Additionally polycotton does not hold its shape or colour as well as newer high tech fabrics.
  • JL unisex suits are well made, have a flattering V front and extra lining on the rear. The fabric they use have excellent wicking properties, extra support and as a result are very comfortable.
  • JL make their zooties in two pieces, meaning there are options for varying sizing e.g. and smaller top and a larger bottom, or extra length in the body or legs.

Reasons against changing

  • As noted above, all members competing in a regatta for RRC must wear the official uniform that has been registered with RV. Consequently if we decide to change the uniform all members will have to purchase a new zootie/shorts and top in order to complete for the club this season. Racing members would therefore be required to spend a minimum of approximately $80-90.

So what are the options?
Gerry and Susie have come up with two options.

Option 1

  • This option retains the current design but removes the vertical side stripe (MUBC did this a few years ago and the result is a cleaner look which is also more flattering and comfortable).
  • Cost approx $82. Note: this is based on high tech fabric – polycotton would be cheaper.

Option 2

  • This option adopts a more vertical look. The yellow contrast is also more vertical in orientation.
  • Cost approx $87. Note: this is based on high tech fabric – polycotton would be cheaper.

Both versions retain the RRC logo on the front. The same designs can be made in top and bottom for those who prefer racing in separates rather than a one piece.
Also see the RRC Rangeboard. Although the above designs have been prepared by Designer Paintworks other manufacturers, such as Oarsome and Rowbust, could also make the new design if adopted by the club, so it is possible that prices may vary. (Prices listed are based on bulk orders and include freight. (It would be more expensive to order one by one)
Next steps
While the design of the club uniform is something that the Committee can decide on without consulting members, the Committee believes this is an important issue and one that all members should have an opportunity to say whether they think it should change and what it should change to.
As agreed at the AGM all eligible members (i.e. those with a current membership) are invited to vote:

  1. Should RRC change its current official racing uniform? Yes/No
  2. Ifthe uniform were to change which option would you prefer?
    1. Option 1, or
    2. Option 2

Making it fair – the process
Given changing the uniform is an important decision the Committee has decided on the following rules/criteria in which to determine whether the vote is valid.

  1. In order for the survey to be considered valid – a minimum of 45 members need to participate/respond to the questions posed. This number is approximately 50% of our membership base.
    For example:
  • If only 40 members respond to the survey, the committee will deem that not enough members have participated and as such the uniform wouldn’t change.
  • Even if you don’t think the uniform should change, please participate in the survey and indicate your preference – as it is important all members take an active role in club decisions/changes
  1. Of the 45 responses received, a minimum of 30 responses (two thirds) must choose ‘Yes’ for the club to change the uniform.
  2. If 30 or more members who respond to the survey vote in favour of changing the uniform, the option that gets the most votes will be the one that the club adopts.
    Note: Even if you don’t think the uniform should change, your views regarding which option you prefer are still sought.

To participate please follow the following link – The survey will be open for 2 weeks and will close at midnight on 3 September 2012.
If you have any questions regarding the new design options or would like to view the samples – please contact Gerry Goss ([email protected]). In addition if you have any questions regarding the above described process – please contact Emma Catford ([email protected]).