Gray Matters working the strategies

Hi Rowers,
Sorry this is a bit late, Nicole had her bi-annual appointment with the industrial beautician to get the calluses off her hands which coincides with my biannual search of the Docklands for Richmond caps which have blown off during training which I then use one of my black markers to re-colour before popping them back into our wardrobe and bon appetite.
Some New Strategies Nicole and Annalise have been visiting JK in Darwin and checking out her progress with the DORC’s. Some initiatives which I believe they are looking at implementing including jumping from the bank into the boat (a good stretching exercise which history shows began at a similar time to the DORC Para Olympic rowing team in 1896 when there were frequent crocodile visitors in The Darra) as well has feathering quite high, at least 2 metres off the water, allowing the air to run smoothly under the oar and encouraging a strong tap down, this coincided with the introduction of stainless steel oars in 1940 due to some other issues with the wildlife up there.
Out and About
Saltwater regatta on this weekend – we have 6 crews entered! Which is pretty cool – for a rather low key event. What do these people all have in common? They love washing boats, it’s not called Salt Water for nothing.
Time Trials
Next time trial is in 2 weeks time on Sunday Sept 20th. Last time we had 3 eights and 3 fours entered and I expect to match if not beat it. Derek’s HoTY 8 is on brunch duty – the standard of food is very high. So good luck to them. I’d expect something HOT and Y(ellow)
Ergos – Aug Ergos – do them! I’ll try to replace the handle on ‘my’ ergo asap, they just don’t make em like they used to. Those who have been doing them have posted consistent improvements each month – which is awesome. Flog yourself silly – shorts are in this summer Dry land training on Tuesday nights has been rather quiet – so come down for ergos and runs to build you fitness base for HoTY.
Let’s Party Michael Jackson Party THIS FRIDAY! Fun times!
Lets go Swimming Well done to the swimmers last weekend, you’re great grannies are very proud, didn’t you guys blend with the Albert Park Mercedes / latte crowd, leaping in the pool with all your gear on.
katie gray
PANS (PA to Nicole Studka, previously PA to JK until she was transferred to the Darwin Oar Rowing Society and now champions the DORC’s up there)