Bairnsdale Camp

Some things remain predictable….when Simon organises a club activity the weather is guaranteed to be appalling (and it was), the mixed master’s quad will continue to fiddle with their boat leading up to the world masters (and they did), Bairnsdale rowing camp will produce more blisters than any other weekend (and it did, just ask Sally Allen), our ability to tune into the Grand Final will continue to remain as one of the biggest challenges for the club (the picture was great but the radio coverage was 7 seconds ahead of the ‘live’ TV coverage) and Emma Catford will win the box biting competition (just ask Franzi).
Plenty of highlights on the weekend including the carrot cake, the boys BBQ, Dennis’s birthday cake (complete with 36 candles of which only two remained alight in the walk from the cabin to the food tent, a distance of only 10 metres), the DS crew made it to the cliffs, Jim’s introduction of the committee and coaches, a few cold water swims, a visit to the local Tabaret in search of a Thursday night beer and of course the rowing (of which there was plenty).
Highlights package to be posted soon with plenty of photo’s like the one below so keep a look out for it….Simon
bairnsdale 2009 111