Gray Matters working up some Dutch courage in a new boat

Afternoon Rowers, Sorry for the late email.
My watch isn’t waterproof and I spent the day doing laps in a wading pool outside Mike’s house then without a successful sighting of Mike I took the pool on the tram to Justin’s place and tried outside his til dark.
So this afternoon I’m off to Clarke rubber to see if I can swap my wading pool for some floaties. So far my only offer to watch me swim is Simon (man not boat) who cannot access me but could do with a laugh.
Grand Final Tipping
Click on the following link to enter the RRC Men’s Grand Final Tipping Comp. $2 entry with the winner take all. Closets to the mark scoops the ‘pool’.
Camp this Weekend
Camp people and others attending camp need to read Simon’s info pack and make sure that they don’t miss the train. Boat loading is this Wed night. Train on Thursday night.
Time Trials
Well done to the rowers and the kitchen crew it was impressive on all fronts. The men’s eight time was hotter than a buccaneers pistol, as is the bloke in the stroke seat….Woof!
Learn to Row
This starts 4th October 11:45am and runs for four weeks on consecutive Sundays.
Please get in touch with Justin if;
1. You would like to coach LTR. It’s challenging but a lot of fun. I believe $25 is paid for your race fee account for each session coached.
2. You have friends who would like to try rowing.
3. You have friends who have e-mailed the club about LTR but have not yet received a response.
4. You just feel like a chat.
5. You are keen to know how he is faring in WA shooting camels.
If you are interested I recommend emailing or calling Justin over swimming in a paddle pool outside his place seems to have had little success. [email protected] 0425 813929
Educational Viewing
The above is a link to a movie Nicole made of me earlier in my winter full body Zootie (which she made for me in foil, something she was thinking of rolling out for the rest of the club, latter parts of this video which we didn’t upload to u-tube show me magnetised to the erg so we didn’t proceed with this particular prototype). Anyway this may help some of you tick tock rowers (who may well have been metronomes in past lives and for those less musical no I am not referring to inner city garden ornaments)
Possible New Arrival
Yes that’s right! It’s a buddy for Simon Crunden (boat not man) and John Latham (boat not man). The B team crash test dummies tried out a new tub four last week, and came within a bee’s d*ck of annihilating the mens 8. Something previously not possible in the John Latham (boat not man) unless it was hooked up to a 747 jet engine. It’s up to all of us ‘cool’ tub rowers to lean on Martin to snap the ‘Orlando’ up for us. Then we’ll just flog another hundred or more boxes of freddos to help us put some racing stripes on him.
Katie Gray PANS (PA to Nicole Studka, previously PA to JK until she was transferred to the Darwin Oar Rowing Society and now champions the DORC’s up there)…with a bit of editing by Simon C