Winter Sculling registration open

You can now register for the 2015 Winter Sculling series.
Click Here to Register for this Event
Please ensure you have contacted Barry to confirm boat availability before registering and if you want some training/coaching in the single consider speaking to Gerry about her sculling coaching sessions too.
Nothing like it for keeping focus and fitness through the winter, plus again this year everybody gets a T-shirt at the end of the season.
All the info is at
And while you are getting ready for the season, consider if someone near and dear to you would like to be a volunteer.  Winter Sculling runs on volunteers; nobody gets paid, we keep it as simple and cheap as we can and we’d like to extend the volunteer base, people with boat licences especially welcome.
Rewards are eternal gratitude from you (the recruiter), a warm feeling from the admiration of the rowers, and protection from winter coughs and colds by hardening up outside (well, it works for me….)
Please get your volunteer to contact this year’s new volunteer coordinator Sue Andrews at [email protected],  or email to [email protected]