Victorian States Championships 2021

At the end of February the club headed to Nagambie with high hopes of a success and States taking place this year, one year on from a blown out States at Ballarat and a pandemic disrupted season.

There was a fantastic turn out of rowers at all levels from people competing the 2km course at open, a and b grade and the very competitive c and d grade events over 1km.

It’s fair to say that Richmond had amazing success with 9 Golds, 3 Silver and 6 third places which saw us come 5th overall in the medal table. Congratulations to all involved, athletes, coxswains, coaches and supporters.

A full list of medals is included below


FB2-     Kirsty Fergie, Xanthe Hadfield

FB2X    Kate Dyball, Zoe Maxwell

FC2-     Kirsty Fergie, Xanthe Hadfield

FD1X    Lily Innes-Irons

FD2-     Alex Kinsman, Lily Innes-Irons

FD4+    Alex Huang, Alex Kinsman, Chelsea Crouser (cox), Frederique Le Bescond, Melanie Perkins

FD4X+ Alex Huang, Frederique Le Bescond, Kathryn Spinnler-Jenkins, Sarah Houghton (cox), Victoria Petersen

FO2-     Kirsty Fergie, Xanthe Hadfield

MD8+   Ethan Lovett, Jack Austin, Jack Hellerstedt, Ka Ki Wong (cox), Kim Begelhole, Leigh Mckee, Matthew Lowe, Pavel Oborin, Richard Healy


FA2X    Kate Dyball, Michelle Joy

FD2X    Alex Huang, Victoria Petersen

MD4X+ Derek Begg/Zoe Kral (cox), Ethan Lovett, Jack Hellerstedt, Michael Gehling, Richard Healy


FA1X    Kate Dyball

FA4+    Chelsea Crouser, Derek Begg (cox), Melanie Perkins, Michelle Joy, Xanthe Hadfield

FD8+    Alex Kinsman, Chelsea Crouser, Dana Hill, Frederique Le Bescond, Kirsty Fergie, Lily Innes-Irons, Melanie Perkins, Will Golding (cox), Zoe Maxwell

FO2X    Kate Dyball, Michelle Joy

FO4X-  Karen Doggett, Melanie Perkins, Michelle Joy, Zoe Maxwell

MD4+   Derek Begg (cox), Ethan Lovett, Jack Hellerstedt, Pavel Oborin, Richard Healy

Thank you to John Carey and Jack Hellerstadt for their take on the weekend

Thursday boat loading

One last on-water session for the MD4x’s, some great race-pace action between the MD4x and MC4+ before finishing up the loading spearheaded by most of the women’s squad.


A day of rest, hydration and meandering gazes towards any stretch of water. Deep inflections of what it will take to win at Nagambie, which crews will we face up against and will I get an egg & bacon roll or venture towards the McGambie. 


See Friday…..


Perfect weather, pretty hot and rising already from quiet early.  No clouds no wind. Foxhole cafe just SW of the water tower is a must-stop on the way to the course. Offers a tiny slice of the Irish-Aussie experience, with the owner hailing from Monaghan.

Cheer squad extraordinaire featuring: Amy Catlin, Lachie Stewart, Charlotte North-Coombes, Shern Timmins, Roberts parentals and Basil (the dog, not our wonderful London-based former coach).

MD4+ Jack H/Ethan/Rich/Pavel/Derek was a four boat final with the school-boys taking it off the line from the start. Edged out Carrum to just make it onto the podium.

Egg & bacon eat your heart out. This year’s BBQ featured a top-shelf gourmet snag on the menu, beef or lamb, would love to see this appear as a regular event.

RRC MD4x+ were split across the two heats, hard fought for Matt/ Jack A/ Leigh/ Kim/ Christine (?) just missing the cut by 7 seconds.  Jack H/ Ethan/ Rich/ Mikey G with Banks guest coxswain Zoë Kral stayed on Melbourne for a comfortable second place ticket to the final.

RRC MC4+ Denis/John C/Liam/Jon R with Derek (cox) left in the dust by Ballarat Clarendon who stormed home in a blitz of backsplash, completing the 1,000m course in 3.02 minutes. The lads were happy with their own performance, coming 5th in a time of 3.23 minutes. 

The much anticipated M/F D8+ tête-à-tête had it all: yellow card for unlawful entry to the course, mid-flight cable repair to save Keith from having to race boxless, and the year-ten Carey Grammar crew first down the course by a comfortable 6 second margin to remind us that two coxed quads does not-quite make an eight.

Derek stepped back in for the MD4x+ final. It was anyone’s race for the first 500 with RRC trading in some grace for power at the start to stay in it, but Melbourne dug deep and couldn’t be caught. Satisfying second after seeing the late arvo heat catch up with Melbourne three-seat on the way back in.

Monday boat unloading

A largely uneventful affair with almost 2 trailer-loads of boats being unloaded in 56 minutes and 55 seconds.


33 athletes, 18 medals from 36 events, 9 gold, 3 silver, 6 bronze.

5th in the overall medal table; just behind Uni Melb! Massive effort- go Richmond!