End of financial year fundraising opportunity

Tax time is rapidly approaching and if you are looking for a good cause to obtain a tax deductible donation then please consider donating to the RRC ASF project for a new Concept 2 ERG bike.
We have been able to enhance the gym over the past couple of years with new ergos, PM5 monitors and a great weights set up. We felt it was time to also add a new stationary bike also to add some variety to training options and aid injury recovery.
The Concept 2 ERG bike use the same flywheel and PM5 monitor as the current Concept 2 rowing Ergos making it easy to use and monitor your workout.  The ERG bike is also great for recovery sessions and will be a welcome addition to the gym.
All donations over $2 through ASF are tax deductible, so if you make your donation before 30 June 2019 you will be able to include it on your 2019 tax return. You will be able to contribute to the club and reduce your tax liability at the same time.
Here is the link to make it happen…..

RRC Quiz Night – Friday 15 March 2019 – Tickets available now!!!

The annual RRC Trivia Night is on Friday 15th March. This year we have a swinging 60’s theme. So its time to revamp your flares, dust off your go-go boots and re-arrange your flower necklace, cause the swinging Sixties are coming back to Richmond.
Our quizmaster from afar, Justin Thomas, will again be writing the questions to see who can take home the trophy this year.
Tickets are available through Trybooking at https://www.trybooking.com/466963
We are also looking for items to auction….these could be just about anything…wine, tools, accommodation (especially if you have a holiday house), tickets to concerts, shows or galleries, hampers, sporting goods, jewellery, paintings, ….. the list is endless.
The other thing that is always a winner is the donation of your time which could include things such as Coxing (everyone needs a coxwain), coaching, handyman, babysitting, gardening, painting or if you are a professional then perhaps you could offer you service of expertise for a period of time.
Please have a think and see what you can come up with. All donations will help raise money for the club and will be put towards upgrading our fleet and equipment.
If you have any items to donate or can help out with organising the night please contact Christine with questions or donations at fundraising@richmondrowing.com.au.

The "50 x 50" Project

For those of you who have competed at a regatta over the past decade, you are only too aware of the value that our well-loved tent brings us.  Whether it is the heat, or rain, the tent is one of our most valued assets.  A decade ago, it was also one of our best promotional items, with Richmond proudly displaying the best tent at any regatta we attended.  Since then, most other clubs have followed Richmond’s lead and now have more impressive tents.  And over the years, Richmond’s well-loved tent is starting to show the impact of all that love.
Richmond is a club on the go, with plans for fleet turnover and membership growth.  And we need to demonstrate this to the rest of the rowing committee by attending regattas; by wining on water, and being the most impressive off-water.  By having a tent which shows everyone at a regatta that we are a club to be reckoned with; a club not only with the resources to have the best, but also knows that looking after our members at a regatta is smart and provides us with the best opportunity to win on water.
But a tent like this isn’t cheap – and we don’t want to compromise of the awesomeness of a new tent.  The committee has agreed that next year’s funding goal will be to replace our tent, but I don’t want to wait until the end of next season before seeing a new tent.  I’m hoping that we can get a start on raising a few dollars so we can convince the club to purchase the tent sooner than later.  If we can quickly raise half the cost of a new tent, then this should be enough to warrant purchasing the tent for the start of the season, with the promise that we can raise the remaining during the rest of the year.
And how can we do this?  Given that we have had 75 different individuals represent Richmond over the past year, if they all made a small tax deductible donation to our Fleet Renewal Fund at the Australia Sports Foundation, then we will be well on our way.  The ASF is a brilliant program which allows sporting clubs like Richmond to raise money via tax deductible donations.  Richmond has been running our Fleet Renewal Appeal now for a number of years, and has been vital for the renewal of the club’s fleet in the past.
So, how about a target of 50 people donating $50 each (remember, that is Tax deductible) as a start.  This will raise us $2,500 towards a new tent, which will be more than half way.  We get half way, and then we can convince the club to order the new tent at the start of the season instead of the end.
So let’s do it!  I’m launching the “50 x 50” Project – to goal to raise $2,500 by 30 June for Richmond to have the most impressive tent at a regatta next season!  Help the club today by donating $50 at https://asf.org.au/projects/richmond-rowing-club/new-club-tent/.
Remember its tax deductible so you are welcome to donate a little more if you can!
Thank You!
Tim Evans
Head of Rowing

Trivia Night tickets on sale – 24 March 2018

Following our recent club events (Xmas BBQ and NYE) our fundraising total for the year is currently above $7,000. Thanks to your great work, we are well on our way to our goal for the purchase of a new shiny boat! Look out for upcoming communications on additions to the fleet.
With that in mind, the annual RRC trivia night is only a month away, starting at 7pm Sat 24th of March. The theme for this year’s quiz will be Arabian Nights – so get your Aladdin suits ready, hop on your magic carpet and get ready for an amazing night!
Tickets are strictly limited to 100, so get in early through Trybooking. Prices are $25 per person or $225 for a table of 10.
The one and only Justin Thomas will be writing the quiz questions from the other side of the world with help from Aline Dejaegher, Simon Crunden is back to MC the evening and Derek Begg will be on hand as our auctioneer for the night.
Don’t forget, as one of our major fundraising events we are looking for auction items, the more unusual the better. You can donate your time, your one off skill, that vintage zootie or the dozen bottles of wine you have been saving. Contact [email protected] with any items you can donate.
It’s always a great night and you can bring along your friends, colleagues and family to enjoy each other’s company at the club. The event is BYO food, with drinks at bar prices. Prizes for winning team and best dressed, and don’t forget to decorate your table!

Receipt of VicHealth Active Club Grant

Richmond Rowing Club was delighted to receive a VicHealth Active Club Grant to support our Tiger Social Rowing program.

The $2,890 grant has enabled the club to purchase four pairs of yellow handled sculling blades and 5 sets of boat lights.  This reduces equipment constraints allowing more rowers to be on the water during the peak Thursday night and Sunday morning crew and social rowing time slots.
The oars were “christened” by four of the twenty one participants in our first 2018 Learn to Row group on January 30.  We are delighted that a number of members from that class have already signed up to join the club.
Welcome….. we look forward to helping you to further develop your rowing skills.
Just a reminder that all club members are welcome to join the social rowing program on Thursday evenings 6.15pm or Sunday mornings 9.45am.  Please contact Head of Rowing if you want to participate and are not currently receiving the Sportsnoticeboard sign ups for Tiger Rowing.


Those who attended the fabulous New Years Eve party at the club now know that there is no better venue in Melbourne for celebrating this occasion. What an amazing view of the fireworks, sipping champagne on our fabulous deck! Thanks to all who brought along such good cheer on the evening, and special thanks to Vicki Brennan for her hard work in making the event happen. The good news is that the committee has decided that New Years Eve will be reserved as an evening for members to enjoy our wonderful facility and will not be available for outside hall hire. So mark your calendars now!
Even more fabulous is that the event was also a significant fundraiser for the club. Firstly, we have been able to pay the balance owing on the Woolcock; this lovely coxless quad was purchased late last year and has been an excellent addition to our fleet. Money raised will also enable the refurbishment of this boat. Finally, the club can now purchase some rolling steps to replace the aging black steps; anyone who accesses boats on the top racks will greet this news with joy.
The next major fundraising event will be the Quiz night on Saturday 14th March, and the goal from this will be the purchase of new sculling oars and ergos. So bring along your family and friends and enjoy a great evening. Finally, the club will run the Bunnings sausage sizzle at the Hawthorn store on May 2: we will be calling for volunteers to help out on this day.
Geraldine Goss, Fundraising Co-ordinator

Hurry! Entertainment Books with free delivery!

As one of our money raising initiatives going forward we have signed up as a fundraiser with the Entertainment Book!
For those of you who don’t know how fabulous this is, let me explain:
· The entertainment book has over 800 vouchers / discounts on dining, entertainment, activities, hotel stays etc. etc. across Melbourne and suburbs (or other states if you wish). These discounts can be 15% off meals at top restaurants to 2 for 1 entry to the Melbourne star or even 20% off at some cellar doors!
· The book or (even handier mobile app) costs only $65 to purchase – 20% of which will go directly back to the club to purchase gym equipment, put towards a bigger, better fleet of boats or help fund much needed coaching and coxing!
Continue reading “Hurry! Entertainment Books with free delivery!”

Club Fundraiser – Chocolate drive

Well done to all those who attended the quiz night this weekend, we are still tallying up the proceeds but it was a very successful evening and a big thanks to all those who made it happen – organisers, auctioneer and bar staff, Justin Thomas, Thalia Marshall, Jim Cooper, Vicki Brennan and Jemma Evans.
For those people still looking to help out with our 2014 fundraising drive we are asking club members to help sell chocolate to colleagues, friends and family. With a profit of $20-$30 on each box a contribution from everyone would significantly help us meet the redevelopment costs. Continue reading “Club Fundraiser – Chocolate drive”

A big Christmas gift to the club

It is very gratifying to report to all the RRC members on our recent social and fundraising activities. When so many of you dig deep and help out we can make a big difference! Thank you!
RRC Christmas Raffle drawn 17 December 2011
We had a total of 536 tickets in the draw, that means a total of $2680 in ticket sales. After costs are deducted we should clear at least $2,000.
First prize, $800 Essendon Cyclery voucher was won by Jemma Evans. 2nd prize, $200 David Jones voucher, was won by Karen Bell and 3rd prize, $150 worth of mixed wines was won by Dennis Beck.
Thank you to all members who sold tickets and helped make this fundraising activity for the club a success.
RRC Port Melbourne Bunning Sausage Sizzle 18 December 2011
The committee would like to extend a huge thank you to all the members who helped with the sausage sizzle fundraiser. We had a grand total of 576 sausages donated and 15kg of chopped onions which amazingly enough were all sold plus a further 262 sausages bought on the day.
That’s a grand total of 838 sausages sizzled in the name of Richmond Rowing Club, which along with the sale of 364 soft drinks netted the club a total profit of $2189.
Special thanks to all those who donated their time and effort on site throughout the day to man the barbie and serving the endless flow of hungry shoppers.
The RRC Committee wish all the members a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year.
We look forward to another great year ahead with you as part of our wonderful club.