A big Christmas gift to the club

It is very gratifying to report to all the RRC members on our recent social and fundraising activities. When so many of you dig deep and help out we can make a big difference! Thank you!
RRC Christmas Raffle drawn 17 December 2011
We had a total of 536 tickets in the draw, that means a total of $2680 in ticket sales. After costs are deducted we should clear at least $2,000.
First prize, $800 Essendon Cyclery voucher was won by Jemma Evans. 2nd prize, $200 David Jones voucher, was won by Karen Bell and 3rd prize, $150 worth of mixed wines was won by Dennis Beck.
Thank you to all members who sold tickets and helped make this fundraising activity for the club a success.
RRC Port Melbourne Bunning Sausage Sizzle 18 December 2011
The committee would like to extend a huge thank you to all the members who helped with the sausage sizzle fundraiser. We had a grand total of 576 sausages donated and 15kg of chopped onions which amazingly enough were all sold plus a further 262 sausages bought on the day.
That’s a grand total of 838 sausages sizzled in the name of Richmond Rowing Club, which along with the sale of 364 soft drinks netted the club a total profit of $2189.
Special thanks to all those who donated their time and effort on site throughout the day to man the barbie and serving the endless flow of hungry shoppers.
The RRC Committee wish all the members a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year.
We look forward to another great year ahead with you as part of our wonderful club.