RRC Triumph at Albert Park Lake !!

APSM masters regatta award
Now, getting right down to the business end of this blog ……. RRC walked away from this regatta with ‘the inaugural Albert Park Masters Regatta Perpetual Trophy’. Not only is this extremely impressive, you should try saying this quickly after two Coronas at the awards ceremony. Seriously though, I know we’re all proud of this achievement and it shows the effort and commitment displayed by all.
I have a soft spot for the Albert Park Lake Regatta as it was my first regatta three years ago and with it being so close to home, it’s always an enjoyable event towards the end of the season. Another reason I like it is that the conditions can vary from being nice and calm to you and your crew being bounced around like you’re on the Spirit of Tasmania.
The first race I watched whilst sipping on a coffee was the male single sculler who smashed into the wall which was dangerously close to the finish line, or the finish line was dangerously close …you get the idea. Amazingly, he rowed off with no damage to himself and minimal damage to his boat. However, as I looked down the course I soon identified his anxiety and what had rattled him so …. Dave was hot on his heels in second place. This was a good omen for the day (for us at least) as RRC seemed to be there or thereabouts in all of the races that I watched and we were always competitive.
Now, I don’t think it could be said up to now that I have ever mentioned ‘gender inequality’ around the club in any format whatsoever. However, now is the time!! To say that the RRC Women’s squad ‘smashed it’ and pretty much singlehandedly brought home the trophy is not an exaggeration.
Michelle Joy led the way with her single scull win early on in the day and Geraldine Goss closely followed that with wins in a composite female quad and a composite mixed double.
The female novice coxed four comprising of: Catie Macdonald, Roslyn Snaauw, Karissa Charlton, Iluka Davidson, coxed by Kathy Macrow romped home in impressive style. Now, that would be enough for most crews but no ….this same crew backed this up with a win in the female novice coxed quad as well, with Sarah Houghton coxing this time. Well done Ladies, great work!!
Later on, Michelle was back for some more glory with Karen with a win in the doubles.
Not to be left behind, the Female Masters coxed four of: Judith Hayes, Sue Powell, Hannah Harborow, Karin Bouvin, coxed by Derek picked up a very handy win towards the end of the regatta.
Now, huh-hmmmm, we come to the medal contribution made by the Men’s Squad. Fortunately Ray Dennis led the way with a win in a composite eight and……errr. Seriously though, it was a great effort by the Men’s Squad with a lot of close seconds and lots of commitment.
All in all it was a great day. Here’s to next year’s Albert Park Lake Regatta and the retention of ‘our’ trophy.
Raymond O’Shea