RRC COVID-19 Return to Rowing Requirements – effective Saturday 16 May 2020

The Victorian Government recently released revised guidance in relation to COVID-19 restriction and relaxation of some requirements which related to sports, cultural and recreation activities. Rowing Victoria has released draft guidance and recommendations related to a safe return to rowing which are attached to this email.

RRC have set out the following guidelines that must be observed by all members who choose to row from Saturday 16 May 2020 until updated, a failure to follow these guidelines could result in fines to the individual, but would lead the Committee to consider ceasing members ability to row until we are comfortable the guidelines can be met by all.

RRC Requirements for a safe return to rowing:

  • If you are unwell or display any symptoms you must not attend the club to train. Members should consider their own wellbeing and that of others when considering whether to row. By attending and signing out a boat you are confirming you do not feel unwell and are not displaying any COVID-19 symptoms. If you have a positive test in relation to COVID-19 please let the Committee know immediately so we can assess any possible contact with club members we may take appropriate action regarding club facilities.
  • Social distancing must be maintained including keeping 1.5 meters apart, not congregating within or outside of the shed. There should be no physical greetings etc. Frequent hand washing and good hygiene is requirement to be observed.
  • There will be no indoor activities at the club, the gym, kitchen and main hall remain closed and gathering in the club will not be permitted.
  • Toilet access is available (preferred downstairs to limit upstairs club access), but the change room and showers are not allowed to be used. It is advised to dress for training before arriving at the club. Valuables should be left at home as change room access is not allowed. Fobs will be reactivated for the back door only to limit access to parts of the club that are closed.
  • Training sessions will be limited to 10 people – See below for rostering and sign up arrangements to enable this on a fair basis. It will not be possible to turn up to the club to row without signing up in advance so the 10 person limit is not exceeded. Private boats will not be in excess of this number, the 10 person limit and rostering/sign up requirements will be across the club whether using club or private equipment. Anyone at the club will be part of this 10 person limit, if tradesman are at the club we will be required to reduce the number of people able to row in sessions as a result.
  • Single sculls only will be allowed. All members must sign up and sign out to track attendance and boat usage.
  • All equipment must be thoroughly washed – following the guidance we put in place prior to the club closing.
  • Members are required to clean frequently touched club fixtures at the end of the session. Whilst we engage paid cleaners, we cannot have them present multiple times a day, members are therefore required to clean frequently touched fixtures – detailed guidance on items to be cleaned is attached to this email.
  • Every session is required to have a safety officer to oversee these requirements – this role will be taken on by a coach if present, if not the first person to sign up to a session (see below) will act as the safety officer. All members who agree to row must be willing to take on this role so the club can demonstrate its compliance, if not please do not attend the training session. The RV Safety Officer Checklist is attached to this email.

Rostering and sign up requirements

So we can adhere to limiting training sessions to 10 people and limit cross over of members between sessions the following applies:

  • Sessions will be 2 hours in length, however they will be scheduled in 3 hour blocks starting 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm. This is to allow for no cross over of members, therefore sessions should finish 2 hours after start time i.e. 6am session starts at 6am and finished at 8am.
  • Sign up is required by sportsnoticeboard. We have created 10 sign ups in the “Club Resources” called “COVID Training Session #01, COVID Training Session #02……” . Book one of these 10 Club Resource for the session you are planning to attend, also book the single you plan to row (if it is a private boat only book one of the 10 Club Resources. Once these 10 Club Resources are booked the session is full.
  • If you do not have a Club Resource booked for a session do not turn up hoping to row (or for any other purpose) – you will be breaching the Victorian Government guidelines and putting our ability to operate as a club at risk.
  • In order to maintain equity across the club membership, each member is limited to 2 sessions a week at the current time (these must be on different days). We will review this number after a week depending on the bookings. If you can row during the day Monday to Friday we ask that you consider this so provide greater access to all members.
  • The 12pm session on Saturday and Sunday will be designated to our less experienced scullers (ie DS), this will be a confirmed coached session during daylight hours. If a coach is not available inexperienced members should not be rowing.

All members must follow these guidelines, if not we will be required to close the club. We will regularly review the guidelines and provide updates where appropriate.

Online yoga sessions continue via Zoom on Saturday at 4pm and Wednesday at 5.30pm. Email [email protected] to sign up.

We are also considering arranging some outdoor training land sessions that would be limited to 10 people appropriately distanced. These would be near but away from the club to ensure we do not breach the 10 person rules. Look out for communications soon.