Redevelopment FAQ – Governance

Who is working on the redevelopment project?
The Redevelopment project team comprises:

  • Martin Foster – Head of Club Development
  • Lucy Crunden – Vice President
  • Emma Catford – President
  • Franziska Locher – Club member and Architect
  • Liz Sheil – Club member and Construction engineer

Franziska and Liz are leading the design and build phase of the project and are working very closely with the architects and other service providers to ensure the new building meets with MLC and RRC requirements.
Martin, Lucy and Emma have primarily been focusing on the new lease negotiations with CoM, MLC and prospective new tenants, finance, liquor licensing, and other project management functions.
This team reports to the RRC Committee who is ultimately responsible for the project and ensuring its completion within budget and on time.
Has the committee asked other rowing clubs about their experiences of boatshed expansions?
Yes. The committee as sought feedback from both YYRC and MRC regarding their experiences with their redevelopment projects and the impact on membership numbers.
On membership numbers post redevelopment, both YYRC and MRC have mentioned that they experienced a short lived boost which levelled off within a year or two.