Redevelopment FAQ – Building Works

When will the building works begin and how long will they take?

Our building permit expires on 9 October 2012, therefore the club intends to commence building before that date.

Until a builder is engaged we do not know when the building works will be completed. However it is anticipated to take between 8-10 months, subject to variations etc.


Will the existing parts of the shed be upgraded?

Hopefully! Ultimately what we do to

the existing shed will depend on the funds available; however it is very likely that any updates will be done incrementally.

It is intended that the existing changing rooms will receive a minor touch up – painting and replacement of hand basins etc – however the kitchen and bar will stay as is.

Given the club will increase in size substantially and comprise a large outdoor area it is anticipated that the demand for hall hires will increase. As such revenue from functions and leasing the fourth bay will provide the club with funds to reinvest into the building.

Will we have to move our boats? And if so where will they be stored?

At this stage it is not anticipated that boats will have to be relocated from the shed for the whole build phase. The majority of works will occur on the ‘new’ side of the building however we will have to move boats when the stairwell at the front of the shed is relocated.

Last time the club renovated boats were temporarily stored outside and on trailers. The committee will finalise arrangements once the builder is appointed and timeframes are known.

Will we be able to still use the shed and facilities during the building works?

Most likely yes. However until a builder is engaged and the program of works put together we will not know what space may or may not be useable.

Last time the club renovated, which included the changing rooms, members were able to use the facilities off neighbouring clubs. We have already received offers to host our members again should the need arise. The committee will keep you informed as the project progresses and what options have been secured.