Racking works and helpers needed

As indicated in last months EasyOar newsletter the exciting next phase of the boathouse redevelopment is about to get underway.
The new racking for the RRC boat bay will be installed next week and to facilitate this we need to make space by de-rigging and sectioning some  of our boats and storing them safely on the trailer.
As a result a limited number of boats will be accessible in the MLC bay over the next week to allow some training sessions to occur but please co-ordinate with your coaches and the captain to organise access to equipment and be aware we may need to alter training plans to include land sessions for next week.
The boats will again be available for you to rig and set the following weekend or earlier if everything goes to plan.
We will need crews to de-rig fleet after training sessions this week and on the weekend and move onto the RRC trailer for a few days.
Pleas bring your spanners and bear with us during these brief interruptions..