New access arrangements for boathouse

At the end of September, we will be switching over to a new fob system for access to the boathouse and keys will no longer be used. This system gives RRC better security for the building than simply keys.
The committee has formalised the procedure for obtaining a fob as we need to keep records of exactly who has what fobs. The new policy and procedure for obtaining a fob is available on the documents page of the website.
Please note that there is a fee to obtain a fob, covering the club’s cost to purchase fobs and also a security deposit which is refundable when the fob is returned to the club.
If you wish to obtain a fob, please read the policy and complete the form attached to it. Forms need to be returned to the Secretary. Please make your deposit and fee payment directly into the RRC bank account with your name and the word “Fob” in the payment description.
The next committee meeting is 23 September, so please get your form in early if you wish for your application to be considered at this meeting.