When I was young and only coaching the DS
I never needed many more than just big Kev
But now those days are gone I’m coaching LTR
and without more help those boats ain’t going far
Help me if you can I’m one coach down
and it really ain’t my fault no one’s in town
help me get these learners off the ground
won’t you please, please help Saturday
And now the club has changed in oh so many ways
so many newbies it just leaves me in a daze
but right now we have to teach some more to get rowing right
and learn the Tiger roar
Help me if you can is all I’ll say
and I’d really like to see you at midday
just try not to wreck our boats for May
won’t you please, please help me.
and if you could help out yourself that would be greatly appreciated.
Justin (with apologies to the Beatles)