Have your say!

It’s time to start planning and thinking ahead to next season and we need your input. Our annual planning day will be held on Saturday, 2nd July from 10am – 3.00pm at the boathouse.
Thank you to all those people who completed the feedback survey which generates essential input into our planning. If you have ideas about what we can do either on or off water next year, opinions about how things can be improved or just want to find out more about being involved at the club please come along to the planning day, it is open to all members and now is your chance to contribute.
The agenda for the planning day is attached below but we are always a little flexible to allow for where the discussion takes us on the day, so this is just a guide and if you can not stay the whole day that is fine too. For those who do I’m sure we can toast to our good work at the pub afterwards. However, the aim of the day will be that we have some initial plans for next seasons calendar of events and ideas of key areas to focus our energies to best benefit RRC and all its members.
If you have some time please think about or discuss with your friends/squad what you would like the club’s goals to be next year and specifically if there is an area that you can offer expertise or volunteer to help with. These could be things like recruiting new members, getting more crews racing in the season, increasing RRC competitiveness at certain grades, fundraising income, social activities etc. It is easy to come up with loads of ideas and goals, but if you had to pick just one or two goals for the club as a whole for next year, what would they be?
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me, [email protected] but the best way to find out more is to come along and get involved.
We look forward to seeing everyone who can make it and is interested in seeing RRC continue to grow on Saturday 2nd July.