Happy New Year RRC

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year break and is looking forward to another exciting year at RRC.


2013 was a fantastic year with our sesquicentennial (150 years) celebrations and a strong contingent of members training, competing and hopefully having fun all year.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed and helped organise our end of year party especially Jemma Evans, Vikki Brennan, Racheal Button and Ben Soraghan and also congratulate our Christmas choir who put on a great performance on the night.




2014 promises to be another busy and exciting year in the life of RRC, not least because we plan to start the building works on our club house redevelopment very soon! More details will follow to keep everyone up to date with the latest plans but for now we are busy organising and preparing for the start of building works. Last Saturday and Sunday we had working bees at the club and the yard was almost completely cleared. Amongst other tasks, the shed was swept, boat gear updated, labeled and sorted, rubbish chucked, the trailer cleaned and oars were prepped for new foam handles and sanded for painting. Thanks to Michael C, Virginie, Ray D, Sally, Leonie, Michelle, PJ, Jemma, Dave M, Charlie C, Charlie B, Sandrine, Karin B, Kathy, and JL for assisting.



However we still have a few more tasks to complete so if you fancy yourself as the Rembrandt of RRC, then contact Barry on [email protected] to organise a mutually suitable time to do some oar painting.  Bring a fellow crew member – it’s much more fun doing it with someone else!  Friday 10th – Sunday 12th January are times Barry knows that he will be available. Also a few able bodied helpers to load the trailer with scrap metal on Saturday 11th at 10am would be appreciated.


I look forward to seeing everyone soon in 2014 for another action packed year at RRC!




Karen Doggett, RRC President