Gray Matters on the hunt for coxes

Hi Teamies,
Calling for some COXES
First of all, listen up if you like early mornings and bossing men about, maybe you missed out on the Army, you could have just been dumped and you’re seeking some vocal revenge on the entire male race, or perhaps you think you can whip those pretty boys into shape and help wring a medal out of them. The men’s squad is semi coxless, that is NOT  good, trust me one day when Joe abandoned us we were coxless and you should have heard the language of some of those young private school girls who we took by surprise as we rounded a corner, young people these days.
Now to save the boat fleet from being run over by cranky schoolgirls and also to stop the entire mens crew from waiting outside the women’s change rooms trying to SNAFFLE our prized cox. Will a few of you give them a hand on a few Thursday mornings and Saturday afternoons? Thursday mornings are fun with a row and a waffle and Saturday afternoons are a good so you can still have a looong sleep in.
So email me or Martin, do it for the club, the boats, the mean school girls with filthy mouths who scare easily and to stop the boys from hanging around the girls change room. Really we could do with some help here, a few offers will help get the mens crew on the water more regularly.
CELEBRATION – Sharon’s Betrothed
On another note, we’ve managed to offload Sharon, Graham has agreed to take her hand in marriage and we’re throwing a party to celebrate the weight lifted from our shoulders (I wonder if it was prompted by the time we rowed back and forth in front of the weather report; potentially advertising ourselves to the breakfast eating tv watching male public of Melbourne). We’ll be partying at the club house tomorrow night if you’d like to stop by, it’s BYO. Just let Sarah know you’re coming so she can throw a few more oysters in the boat. If you hear a strange whooshing noise it’s because we’re using the opportunity to do our erg.
katie gray
PANS (PA to Nicole Studka, previously PA to JK until she was transferred to the Darwin Oar Rowing Society and now champions the DORC’s up there)